How to get crystal Lgn and mysticstone Lgn

How to get legend crystal or mysticstone… Its so hard

Farm, farm, and farm. Oh, and more farm. Here’s a forum post from Rubik to make it a little easier:

Also, you can convert Crystal Legends and Eternal Legends to get ultra rare crystals. :smiley:
You can also buy the 5.xm Mythstones and crystals in the shop.
Mythstones are a bit more difficult; you just have to farm them or spend millions converting them up.

Not sure what you mean, but if you’re talking about how to get Crystal legends and Mythic gears, then

  1. On Crystal legends
  • Crystal legends drop randomly in the dungeon, but the drop chance is very low.
  • You can craft your own Crystal gear by applying Obsidian on your item.
  1. On Mythic gears
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ALWAYS USE PROPER FARMING BUILD! I cant stress you enough that a proper farming build is more than recommended. Build ones similar to fortune bringer but cheap at first. You MUST have max item drops, 20 fortune, max gold find and max luck. An added bonus is hirling for an additional 100% item drops and farming affixes kn him or her too. Also a bonus is farm at whetever difficulty you think its best.

In my case my farming build don’t have enough affix for easy mode but good for mythic 3 mode because I know what I am doing. Also farm farm farm, don’t think for a moment to stop farming and focus on other build. JUST FARM for farm build and you will gain huge stuffs! If ypu want eternals to convert and rare legends to find or secure crystal affixes, use eternal, nadroji and crystalline! Since max gold, item drops and luck is there, I promise you will get loads of eternals or crystal legends or “Rare Legends” and to make that happen, you will need all sets and make eternalized, nadroji and crystalline at 5. I will show you example of my farming build and how good it is atm. I just polishing it but I get so much anyways.

please help me… i looted a mh weapon with affix of permafrost for wizzard… but i need it in my rouge chakram type… so i use jasper… i was unlucky it turned bow… now here is the question… is there a possibility that ill use jasper again to change its class to wheather war or wiz. and changed it again with jasper that it will become a chakram… please help me… i got almost 2 permafrost mh bow and oh trap… i need that most is the mh chakram…

The above list shows how Jasper works. Eg. Jasper a staff will give you a sword for warrior and chakram for rogue.

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thankyou so much for your help dude…