How to get eternal map?

I M just wandering on how to get eternal pet and map. Thank you

No direct way. Just keep playing, pray to RNGesus and get lucky.

Though you may want to raise your item-boosting stats like Luck, and wear Eternalized equipment…

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I got a quick question thou. An I’m figuring that it works this way. Just wanna make sure. So if I got a eternalize helm an weapon an nadroji ring An amulet that would be (6) eternallized an would be a 600% find eternal gears right?

Even though it is true you will get +4 all sets from an eternal nadroji trinket, sets themselves do not double. No, no (2) eternalized from the helm. In your example, all you will get is (5).

Eternal find per eternalized rank is 50%, so that’s 250%. Or, roughly, 3-4 eternals per 100 legends.

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But I got helm an a weapon that has eteralize so the percentage doubles then right? That’s what I was trying to ask. If both has a 250% chance then it would be 5 to 6 per a 100?

No, the +4 only affects the total, so (6) set would be 300% if with the weapon.

Looted this a while ago. Got this after I complete the feat collect 25 maps. Too bad I only got 3 legendaries here. :pensive:

I did a good combo that worked at first time i tried, i want do this more times to got this and i need your help: 1- eternalized +5. 2- feat kill 99/100 carthographer. 3- 23/25 collect maps feat. 4- i openned a red map. 5-when i killed carthigrapher, i dropped 1rare and 1 red map, on feats the two quests was cleaned, but only one red map i got. 6- i cleaned all, proops, monsters etc. 7- with hunter ring i killed the epic enemies from shrines 8-the last shrine epic dropped the green map.


Get fortunate perk or an item or eternalized set

Of course. Anyway things have certainly changed since 2015 in terms of farming and how much easier it’s gotten. Well this was around when i started in the forum and being serious in game, late dec 2015.

I dropped 2 eternal maps in 1 hour :fearful:


Do the double cartographer trick when completing the cartographer and collect map feats together with your eternalized gear. You might get 3 or more eternal maps then convert it.

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Collect map feat is your go to if you want to have a higher chance on getting eternal map. If you have accomplished perk then better.

lots of thanks OP for asking the question (as i was wondering as well) and lots of thanks, of course, to everyone else who responded! really appreciating!

Lucky :smile: .

If you have 5 eternalized then any legend map, pet, item from vendor etc can be eternal. So get eternalized now ! Lol


Well obviously :D. I just got an eternal map yesterday and I still have my amazing eternal momentum pet.

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Never dropped an eternal fabled staff. Got it from the vendor lol

I keep buying hats and amulets from the vendor hoping for the right ones

I sometimes do that too. Many eternals/crystal legends, mainly because of crystals and to collect all eternals with crystal legends and eternals with crystal affix. Costs some gold but it is useful at times.

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