How to get max stats on gear

I have seen builds where the gear is max stats and the stones are maxed how do i do this

max stats perfect roll?

Yeah i guess. Is it just luck of finding the gear?

yes, but you can use diamond too

Use emerald and peridot… Max it out then u can roll favorable if not perfect affix… Mostly luck tho hahah

Use Emeralds to get the quality to max (+25%), and Peridots to get the level to 100. Then just use lots of Quartz and then Fluorite for any epic or lower affixes.

Thanks for advice worked amazinly

how to buy an item using globe load?

Using what? Don’t understand:)

how to purchase an item using globe regular load?


I am not sure about how this works.

The information I can find about Globe Load is from this google link: