How to get perfect affixes?

how do you get perfect affixes? Like ive wasted so many crystals in hope to get a perfect affixes but it just ends up worse

if you don’t get the perfect affix when you first roll the affix, just use other Crystals to make it perfect. 25% Item Quality helps, if the item is Legend helps, as the values usually wont go below 75% of max value, Luck on your gears (some players say they have Luck Crafting Gears for when they want to roll perfect values), if you have enough of them, do the rolls on a Legend map, which increases your Luck even more.


Cuz if I remember it right I got two perefect roll on my warrior on my first try while on wizard well my wizard is just frustrating

well, I am sure you will find those posts where the player says they spent x times 5,000 Crystals to get perfect values on all their affixes. and I have done the same. and I still have not perfect values on some of my gears :rage:, but I guess I will have to live with them until I have enough Crystals to get them to be max values. :persevere: my poor farmer is working so hard to make me happy, it is hard to stay in :rage: mode.

I feel you man like i get like 5- 8 crystal per level and it sucks farmin it

when I started Ascending my second Character, I put a bunch of Luck, Gold Find, and Item Drop so I could farm while Ascending. 850% on Luck and Gold Find, and almost 300% for Item Drop, so my farming is doing pretty good at the moment. but I need more Crystals again, because I put a bunch of stuff on my gears to have Reflect Damage, but it isn’t doing as good as I thought, since 17 of my affixes are for Farming and Ascending. so I need to re-craft my gears without Reflect Damage.

Hmm my gear on my main is mainly for ascending floors while my hireling is full on farming affixes i dunno if that effects my main character but im getting a bag full of legendaries on both every 3-4 floors

Is it possible to have 100% item quality?

I dont really know cuz like the max you can get depends on the item like of its eternal it 50% legendary is 25% and so on

Well…I don’t know. Because I saw some items wich I believe…had over the “perfect” affixes. I’m not sure, since there are many things I don’t know, but a ( legendary blue ) weapon with 167% luck? Even the affix was blue.
Isn’t it 100 “perfect”? And if it’s like that…then should be a way to make the affixes even better.

Thats a crystalyne affix (sorry if my spelling is wrong) crystaline affix is higher than legendary affix ( red affix) example the cap of a dodge in legendary is 20% but in crystalyn is 30% just an example tho

@Stride & @Masmerize.
as far as Luck, Gold Find, and Item Drop Rate affixes go when you have a Main and Hireling, to get max values, you need them on both Characters. if you have 100% Luck on your Main, and 100% Gold Find on your Hireling, on the Stats Page of both Characters, it will show 50% for both affixes. I have been testing Experience affixes on both Characters, and it looks like Experience gain is affected. also, Level difference between Characters affects Experience gain also. my Main is already Eternal with all Perks, so it is my Hireling who gets affected by the Level difference for Experience. another thing is that when you use a Main and Hireling, you get a bonus 100% Item drop Rate. so you can get up to 300% Item Drop Rate.
for Item Quality, 25% is the highest you can get. I read a post that it is possible to find items with -10% Quality, but you can always use Emeralds to fix that. Eternal Items automatically have 50% Item Quality, and Emeralds Can Not be used to raise the IQ of Eternal Items.
Crystal Items (Legendary Blue) have 1 affix that is Crystaline (Light Blue). these affixes are 3x the normal affix values. so 75% Luck (Epic) would be 225% Luck (Crystal). for some reason, Crystaline HP/MP on Hit are only 2x the Epic Value, at 500 each instead of 750 (Epic is 250 for each of those).
Eternal Items double the values of affixes, except for Crystaline affixes. so if a Legend Item has 100% WD (Epic-Orange), it would be 200% on an Eternal Item. if a Legend Item has 200% WD (Legend-Red), it would be 400% on an Eternal Item. if a Crystal Legend Item has 225% Crit Damage (Crystal-Light Blue), a Crystal Eternal Item would have 225% Crit Damage (No Change).

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