How to Get Slime Pet

Guys how to get slime pet Teach me how to Get

Just kill enslavers lol you’ll get one eventually

Are you actually asking for it?? Reallyy??
I’m so jealous, damit!!

The better question would be how to stop getting slimes, they arent most wanted pets :smile:

why all my legend pets are only slimes???i want plague pet!

Damn I’m lucky with enslavers today. 10 in a row. Although some were because I kept getting monster boost up to 4 times today.

Found 1 eternal pet and 3 legend pets. It sure is my lucky day and it wasn’t slimes.

if you look at legendex, i think at least half of legend/eternal pets are slimes, so if you’re hunting with a farm set on maps 180-200 it’s very likely you to get one

Farming at floor 400+ is worth it for enslavers. also that mygic enslavers feat when it’s eventually achieved :slight_smile: . I farmed at floor 500 and just happened to be very lucky.

share your luck with us lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. Just fast farm and high luck and item drops.
For some strange reason I had 10 enslavers in a row. Is it just me or the chances of them spawning naturally increased or is it me playing 3 hours? I usually play less nowadays but when I farm for 3+ hours, you know I’m serious about perfecting a build or something.
Although RNG sometimes troll me and make so many enslavers spawn at floor 200 but not 400+ . 500 because of tier rarity crystals and obsidian are much more common.

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