How to get Violet items?

Please i want to know…

Via crafting. Look here :point_down:

If you need any tips and tricks look here :point_down:

Its combination mythic runes.

You need 4 slot into item and put 4 combination of mythic runes to make violet ones as for recipe list link below.

Note: The 4 slot will become > 1 violet affix so dont worry about the 3 slot its just gonna use 4 slot for mixing but it will take 1 slot like other affixes.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Best thing to do is take stats off legend items but keep 2 good ones. Add four sockets and then the mythword. Add a socket for an elixir. You have two more affix options

i mean i want items like this sir ?

Looool you have a long way to go then :wink:

@phrunyx that is from the Battle Arena. players in Eternal League have their items with ? so that other players can’t see how they made a good set of items. as for the purple item, in the Codex: Mythic: or Codex: Dictionary: Mythic, you can read what the Mythic affixes are and how to make them. these items can not be found, you have to make them with Myth Stones. every time you use or convert a Myth stone, there is a chance that part of the recipe for a Mythic affix will be revealed. each Mythic affix has a recipe of 4 Myth Stones to make it. when you make it, you need an item with a total of 4 sockets, or use a Crystal to put a total of 4 sockets, to put the Myth Stones in. the 4 Myth Stone affixes will then disappear and be replaced with a Mythic affix, and your item will be Purple.

ah ok… thank you so much for more info…:blush:

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