How to grow this game

U guys are gonna love this I’m thinking as technology advances it may be completely possible to add better graphics u know like back in the Nintendo day the original when it was a whole new console or external pack or whatever anyway take the graphics of like one of the newer games this company makes or whatever because this artist IS awesome and he can make boney charters like Diablo or whatever that game add was and we could all whole our characters into larger characters like Zelda or water use to grow up on 64 SO… there it is my awesome game changer if anyone knows how to get better methadone that would be cool to well see

We are working on a new title now. It would be so much more work to add all the new content to the base DQ game and we wouldn’t be able to support things like multiplayer.

We hear where all the players are coming from for sure!


Hoping for DQ2! If it’s completely different I am hoping it is loot based with a large variety of build options. That’s what’s kept me playing over the years. Could you share any tiny tidbit of information? Incredibly excited regardless as I’m sure most people are that know something else is in development.

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New title??? Yes please!!! #DQ2

build options :heavy_check_mark:
loot based gameplay :heavy_check_mark:
multiplayer :heavy_check_mark:
quests :heavy_check_mark:
story :heavy_check_mark:


moar please. lol :slight_smile:

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Offline and multilayer like diablo 2. All the fun crafting and item stuff you have here. Player generated myth words. Each player can select a self crafted item and make it into a self created myth word. Over players may craft it if they guess the right combos of stones. The creating player selects the stones order

Oh and storyline and pvp etc lol

Oooooooooooooooooooo me like the sound of that