How to improve my build?

What should I do to improve my build? Or this is the end for this build, dying mostly because of meteorites mod, maybe I should to re-roll some green mod

theres a lot u can change on that build.

for starters, your whirling blades doesnt deal so much dmg because u using a pistol, which is the lowest dmg rogue weapon. 5000 weapon dmg is always needed on those pistols.

also u should remove mirrorcast & weapon dkg affixes from offhand, and choose your talents. for chakram youll most likely want celerity and blindside.

youre right with the green affix tho. to make the “ultimate” build you gotta put those green farm affixes on your main and let the hireling do the killing.

that means 4 of your item slots have free green affix, and you can use a base-item with another good affix like red weapon dmg, red ele dmg, barbarian & push the limit & a set bonus affix.

also you want to use a resource mythic instead of hp/mp on hit and cap your dodge at 60 or 75 with epiphany set (farm builds always need epiphany set to be “perfect”)

i just finished crafted a perfect poison wizard hireling(planned that for a month), so if u wanna get some inspiration for your affix, you can look 1 thread below in my post :slight_smile:
ofc u can play that with any weapon of your choice and adjust it for it, but some will always be better than others for certain builds.

also theres a pretty old post which name is “mage gear for floor 500+” where spike explains some.of the affix choices for a poison/plagued build in more detail than i
have the time for

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keep an eye out for an Eternalized Set Ring so that you can switch your Flintlock to a Chakram (there are a few Chakrams with +200% Weapon damage). and change Adventurer Set for Elements Set (you need a Slime Pet with Set or find Warrior Ring with Elements Set). I’m using Elements Set with Chakram (Boomerang & Whirling Blades) and I really like it. Celerity only works with Boomerang (there are a bunch of posts about this).

or change your +10 Whirling Blades to +10 Ricochet. if you go the Ricochet route, change both of your +5000 Weapon damage to +100% Blight. with Ricochet range and that Plagued Set, you will get a lot more damage, and you’ll have to change your Cool Down to Attack Speed. you also won’t really need Taunt Proc any more, so change that to +2 Multi Attack. or keep the Taunt Proc to use with Smokebomb and get rid of the Mirror Image Proc.

also, you can use Larimar Crystal to change the affixes on Maps so that you don’t have Skyfall Meteors killing you.

I have pistol becouse I don’t have eternalize ring xD
How to get this slime pet?

to get a legendary pet u need to kill many enslavers or just get a lucky random drop. if you get one the chances for an elements pet are quite high tho.
enslavers are guaranteed to spawn with pack size bonus and are almost always located in vicinity to the full-heal shrines on the floor.

if you dont want to play with 2 characters and still want all farm stats u gonna need that eternalized ring. u should craft it with dust because it only drops after floor 1k.

if u want even more farm stats u gonna need epiphany set. if u want even more u need 2 chars with epiphany.

also you should not remove 5000wd from this pistol. not even for blight. i played a build very similar to this for a long time and the 500wd are essential for keping ur dmg up. in fact 5000dmg is way better than 100% weapon dmg for pistol. u still want 1-3 blights tho

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1 last tip i have is to remove nadroji bonus from ur gear. its nice and i always use it, but for 1 character that needs all the affixes, jsing 2 nadroji with nadroji bonus is simply not worth. u could use another set and another affix which would boost this build way more in his farm capabilities than a 2. nadroji with bonus

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there are 2 Map affixes that work like the Nadroji Bonus. the +200% Magic Enemies and +500% Rare Enemies. just use Larimar Crystal on a Map until you get one or both of these. having either one of these or both with +150% Pack Size is a big boost for loot for your Farm Character/Team.

this might be the better way to go until you can Craft a better Farm Build with the Nadroji Bonus.

@Rodolf I’ll have to remember that the next time I Craft a Wand Build. even with 100 Power, I felt very under powered for damage, and I think I had +200% ED%. I even maxed Attack Speed and some other stuff but I got frustrated and went back to my Staff… lol.

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