How to improve my damage in pve help?

I’m trying to search and sad to say I’m not good at math want to leave it to expert need help.

Current playing lone wolf wizard skull shield.


Power= 103

Dodge = 78%
Block = 75%

I keep dying so I try to improve my defense also people say hp doesn’t matter on high floors.

I don’t know why the dodge and block cap at 78 and 75 it should be 90% as 60 is max +30 on epiphany = 90 even I add more dodge it doesn’t go up.


Min Hand (sword)

5 Arcanist (green)
Dodge = 25%
Block = 15%
Summon damage = 30%
Glass cannon = 42%
Crit chance = 12%

Off Hand (skull shield) lightning element all gear.

5 Demonic (green)
Summon damage = 33%
Glass canon = 39%
Weapon damage = 34097
Weapon damage = 88%
Block = 22%

Armor (Necrotic)

5 Ascendant (green)
block = 14%
Skull shield = +10
Summon damage = 35%
Crit chance = 15%
Dodge = 12%

Helmet (Eternal apex of epiphany)

+Epiphany bonus
6 Epiphany
Aattack speed = 35%

  • 5 to all talent
    Shock damage = 145%
    Elemental critical = 45%


Effective (purple)
6 Epiphany
Attack speed = 40%
+2 to all set
Summon damage = 33%
Crit chance = 11%

Amulet (Eternal revolta)

+Electricution bonus
5 Electricution
weaken = 45%
+2 shock effect max
+2 all set
Execute damage = 165%


+10 Skull shield
+44860 electric element
Crit chance
And some dodge.

Need anyone help as I bad at maths this build I just read some research and combine them if it working.

To be honest I don’t know what I’m doing haha just copy other build if work or not.

Pls help if there any wrong combination or lack.
Suggestion and opinion would be great.

Crushing blow /
Elemental critical /
Crit damage/chance/
200-300% element damage %

Remove block . 1 crystal affix dodge is enough and put some dex in your heroic skill . dont be defensive on high floor . kill mobs as fast as you can so they cant hit you back .

This again no, pls.
How it works: Dodge cap is 60%, Epiphany will increase its value by 30% of cap value. So it’s 60% + (30% of 60%) = 78% instead a raw 60% + 30%.

Your build seems fine, but since you’re using summons, I’m sure attack speed isn’t an useful stat on your build, so you could replace it with something else: Crushing blow, Elemental Critical Damage, Summon DMG, Crit DMG, well, there are many options.

Isn’t attack speed multiplied by the FWD? So that would mean more DPS?

I see so dodge is enough replace all block for offense affix.

Thank you

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The attack speed for Epiphany bonus need 70% attack speed for 70% increase damage

My pet has 10 to necrotic, skullshield ,recall and reclaim. Max those talents and skills. I’m a skullshield fan too. Also try explosive affixes on an item :slight_smile:

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Well, if you think 70% dmg is worth 3 slots (2 being crystal affixes), then it’s ok

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dps is only a point when we’re talking about primary skills which are projectiles

The way you said it its not good right?

Now i was thinking what you said I think you right its not worth total 5 slot?

I was thinking for 70% damage and 30% max cap

I also add Brutality and remove all block for Crit dmage and crit chance.

So is there better replacement for epipany 5 slot or combo for better damage please tell me :slight_smile:.

You don’t need epiphany for activating epiphany bonus

Question does global damage affect elemental damage? Like Glasscanon , power etc.

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