How to increase item "colour", level, and quality?

So, before anything, a thank you to everyone who answered in my last thread. Helped me with my game understanding a lot!

I’ve now grinded to lv40. Thanks to feat rewards I now have a full set of legend items, but I’ve noticed that legends I buy and find on newer dungeons are always stronger. My question is whether there’s a way to increase the level of gear?

Quality is something I’ve not figured out. Can I increase it? What does it do?

How come when I use crystals on legend items and change their affixes, they turn into epic, then rare? How come my Chakram is lightning, but when I use my spinning-skill I see fire, and poison Chakrams?

I got a green item, but it’s only lv31. Does this mean it’s useless for me in the future?

And lastly, rolling affixes in the future seems like a very tedious task - you need the right type, and you want a high tier affix as well. Any tips for being more successful with it?

P.S. To confirm, every affix except for the green ones can be changed using crystals, right?

P.P.S. I’ve noticed some items give me elemental resistances like fire/ice/poison at the top of their data page. Are those not affixes? Can those change?

Great thanks in advance to any help!

Yes. There’s a crystal that increases quality. It raises item stats

Yes. You can change them with a crystal that changes items element randomly

Yes… there’s a crystal that can raise items level. It is based on your max level reached I if i recall correct

The peridot crystal will improve level . The Fortunate perk improves the level of items dropped. For example my fortunate perked character was dropping level 100 items at level 60 character level

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Yes, there a crystal which increase item level. Max item lv is ur lv x 2, and capped at 100. However, Eternal items - the green ones - is not possible to lv up.

Yes by using crystal. Quality increase damage for weapons, armor for the rest, and the chance of getting perfect-quality affix when reroll.

Sound like u use the crystal that ramdomly remove affixes on item, then u add normal/epic affix so the gear change.
If u use Prismatic Talent (wizard), Ascendent Set affix or Elements Set affix, ur attack will have various elements effect.

Yes,better convert it for rare crystal.

U must get the right affixes on item first, and reroll them for better quality.

They’re not affixes. U can change them by changing element of items by the first crystal.

Got it, thanks!

Ok, thanks!