How to increase PROC DMG?

Weapon DMG or Elemental DMG ? Which is better ? :smiley:

It is usually better to have both. For the mainhand weapon you will be using (since all the procs from ruby need mainhand to work funnily enough) weapon dmg because all the procs will most definitely be affected by this change. Your base dmg will increase by a great amount and this is great especially for multiply dmg.

Ed% can greatly increase dmg too as long as it is that element you use. Weapon dmg is more powerful but ed% is very powerful too when combined with the weapons high dmg. ED% can also increase the base dmg by a huge amount.

Say if I had 13110-21500 dmg on a lvl 100 gauntlet (provided I done the weapon dmg and maxed quality), if I have 410%ED , all of that will be multiplied by 5.1 . Since ed% and ed are global, it only makes sense that they apply to the weapon regardless of where they are put.

This means my dmg on the weapon (hidden) would be 66,861-109,650.

Clearly ed% is a huge priority as well. It is also far easier access than wd% . Still having wd% is crucial for getting such a good multiplication with ed% afterwards if it is that element. 400% ice dmg means everything that uses ice element will deal 400% more dmg and base dmg must be multiplied by it as well by that logic.

Afterwards, its just the sets that matter as well as crit dmg, crit chance and other useful crystal affixes with some legend/epic affixes . Mainhand weapon dmg is a priority because all procs use the mainhand element and the weapon dmg of it as well.
An exception however is trickster set affix (5) because it uses the offhand element and weapon dmg so if you plan to have a trickster based build, good offhand dmg is a priority too.

Trickster is bad and you should never use it!

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