How to increase set affix?

i want to know how to increasing set affix more detail please. if possible with video on youtube

just reading at those little explanation make me confuse.
thank you very much in advance
nb : been playing this game ~8h in a day for at least 2 weeks since i download it so im what you will call newbie & sorry my messed up english, im just bad with it.

You need to socket elixer mythstone in your accesories (1 in ring, 1 in amulet)

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thank you very much sir, just with those picture now i understand more than before.
but i still lost about the ‘(5) set affix’ when we are only using one part of the set since those elixir mythstone only raise +2 on each jewerly or is ithat all the pieces from those set got affected even thougt we only give to jewerly?
if so should we keep the remaining items for (5) affix to active or is it okay to delete the remaining?

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There are a amulet and ring that have legend affix +sets they work the same way as elixir but are cheaper

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(5) is a total of the set on the equipment (1) plus the two all sets +2 so its 1+2+2=5… By all sets, it means all the sets you have on your gear/pet.

There are some legend amulets and rings that have this already to save on some mythstones, that i can think of my head are: the nadroji ring, nadroji amulet and haunting amulet.

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excellent… cheaper is the best. thank you

i see, it is the basic math after all. but there is something that’s still make me wondering… the affix set on weapons and armors are (5) even thou there arent +2 set like the jewerly and the jewerly only have One affix (+2) should be (3) instead of (5). thats the other question i have. are the other piece of those set still working even thought the item are unequiped (in bag). and is it ok to salvage the unequiped item will the equiped item still have (5)?


there are six different sets momentum to pathfinder

please enlight me… thank you.

Nice build. Can you screen shot your attack damage?

i agree with you… but i’m sorry, its not mine as you can see emperador name on it so its him who have it (in the future i may have those, hope so). i just use it as an example about set affix and how to craft it.

i just playing this game a few weeks ago. it would be extra ordinary awesome if i have those. cheers!

Pls double check the ring and the amulet have +2 set on them, and you can find the different sets on the codex, go to dictionary and you can only equip 6 items each item can only have one set, if you have a legend pet, and a legend trophy each also have one set on them, so you can equip 6-8 sets

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i got it now, thank you very much sir.
with your explanation just now i totally understand, it is as expected my english is bad.
so in conclusion any type of set will have the set affix from jewellery as it is said all set. i thought the all set meant for the set that only have the elixer stone (+2) only since each set have 4 to 6 items.

thank you to all of you who are patience with this newbie one.

time to grind xp and then farm items.

-case closed-


Yep you can only have +sets in either amulet or ring and it works in all your items