How to insert orange affixs in eternal gear

Anyone tell me please

It is possible when u add a mythic(purple) affix to an eternal gear of “mythical/mythitech set”. The gear is still eternal, yet has 3 blank lines. Now it’s OK to use topaz to add epic affixes.

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So,topaz affixes can fill blank slot at the eternal gear? For example the screenshot I share

But, how he made a perfect stats in that gear?

Eternal Items all have +50% Item Quality, which improves your chances of having perfect Affix Values. also, I think if you craft Eternal Items on floor 100 or higher, you can improve your chances of perfect values, but I am not sure of this. there are some threads that talk about this, but I haven’t really tested it yet.

one problem is that each Topaz gives you 6 Epic Affix choices, so you might not get the affixes you want, and have to start over with another Item. you could use Angelite, but your chances of getting the affixes you want are a lot lower than using Topaz.

Crystal fluoritelv40 cannot roll crystal&legend affixes stats but ok for epic affixes. So what he did is just roll the only legend affix with diamondlv11. When the red one is ok, he rolls other epic ones with fluorite.

@Golem ok understood
So dificult to get affixes what we want
I must doing farming hard to get more gems and gold
100m gold/day is not enough to convert normal gems to rare legend

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@Communpierre did it in my crafting but no to eternal gear
It’s just that I just found out that eternal items can be forged

Even eternal gears are +50%, it’s still rare to meet perfect stats on them. Stats on eternal gears are not rollable.
Wanna increase chance to have perfect stats? Improve quality with emeraldlv45 first! When quality +25%, it would be much easier to roll perfect stats.

Trick: When u are using topaz/ruby/amethyst/obsidian at the step selecting 1 of 6 new affix, u can just quit game if there’s no favorite affix. No crystal loss.

Oh right suddenly ignored eternal :joy:

here are some posts/threads that show which crystals can be used on Eternal Items, and what affixes can/can’t be rolled with crystals. hope this helps.

haha, I did say it improves your chances, not that it’s automatically perfect values.

Just tried myself, topaz on an eternal gear will surely get perfect stat.

Ok i see
For example, how to get skulldraga from eternal divination ? Answer : roll to warrior items than reroll to wizz items right?
I will try ,

Last question, but out of topic
How to gain dps on rouge pistol Arena?
Even so many tank on div 3 up?
I made rouge pistol in 2nd char but my dps cant reach 1m/sec

Teach me , im realy2 newbie

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This my stats

Well, skulldraga is from wiz, u cant roll it out from warrior class.
By the way, When a original wiz gear with “barrier&timewarp” affixes turns to rogue class, those 2 afiixes turn to “mirrorImg&pistoleer”

Attack Speed, Angelic Set, Multi Attack, Extra Attack Chance, Time Warp Skill (from Wizard. either on OH or Proc), lots of damage multipliers.

@Golem do i need to add (elemcritdmg) bcoz i have Athereal drain in my set?

you either need at least one Legend +30% Elemental Crit on your Equipment, or at least one of the Epic +15% Elemental Crits, based on the Element(s) of your weapon(s) (Orbit, Toxic, Paralyze, Immolate, Freeze). I haven’t tested if the Set can give you Elemental Crit without using the affixes I just mentioned. if your attack is 2+ a second or faster, +30 is usually ok. if your attack is 1+ a second or slower, +40% to +60% might be better. depends on your build.

Elemental Critical Damage are affixes that allow your Elemental Crits to do more damage (Celestial, Blight, High Voltage, Blistering, Frostbiting). these can be found on Items or rolled with Ruby. changing the Element of an Item will change the Elem. Crit Dmg based on the new Element of the Item.

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Your build are much DPS than mine. Uhmmm… what’s your PvP build?

Thats my 2nd char,
I want to balance it between HP and DPS because for now I don’t have enough crystals for crafting
That AI have nice dps ,but too lower healt point
So dificult to balance it
When my build have 10k HP,i only have 800-1000 power in arena,include plagued and vampiric set and i lost some core set between angelic/demonic

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