How to level "trust level" here in FORUM!

like normal, regular and so on…

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Be active, probably help many people out, ask questions and more.

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yea i would agree with @CuzegSpiked Be active help people out ask questions and do your best to help the newer player. Just imagine what we can do if we work together. :heart:


i mean i was a new player once and i wanted to help others :smiley: .

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I totally agree with you that is one of the main reasons i am here is to help others to the best of my capabilities even though i havent been part of this community as long as some of you have.

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Yep. i felt the same way when i first joined back in 2015. Started from total newbie to where I am now. This community is truly awesome.

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Im a regular now. Which means im a dinsosaur :scream::astonished:


thanks to all of you… muahhhhhhhhhh hehehehe

lol what does that make me a fish? :laughing:
Love this community :heart: glad to have trustworthy people

@D_MESSIAH I just took a look at the Badges for advancing Trust Level.

Lurker: these are the people who read the DQ Forums but are not a member. I was a Lurker for a long time.

Beginner: this is where everyone starts when they become a member of DQ Forums. I had read about the Badges and knew I would get to Basic eventually.

Basic: you get this one after you learn a few things about interacting with others in the Forum. I wasn’t a Basic member for as long as I thought I would be.

Member: you are asking questions, making comments, answering question. Lurking less and becoming more active on the Forum. I was really nervous with my first post, but then I started posting more and more. I was a Member for a long time, and was kind of surprised when it changed.

Regular: this popped up on my screen one day. even though I was reprimanded once for a post, and learned a valuable lesson, I still share a lot of what I have learned or found with new players and players with questions. I still do searches to get ideas or to find a difficult answer to a difficult question. I am still having fun playing DQ, and I like reading players posts on their builds and ideas they have. you never know when something new will show up and change the game.

Leader: these are Dev’s, Mods, and some Testers. they help keep the DQ Forums fun and interesting. anyone who tries to turn the DQ Forums into their own Personal Wasteland will meet Certain Justice at their hands.

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This forum is my personal wasteland.

Thank you for realizing.


thanks for that @Golem

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may you forever prosper <3

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@Skaul you must get lots of attention from the Mods and Dev’s. :microscope: :telescope: :mag: :wink:

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Very True


Emoji squad pulls up

@D_MESSIAH Well now am ma back again as in regular again.


welcome back to the Regular World!


Welcome back Eregular again. Sir @HawkEye

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