How to level up easiest way possible [guide]


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I had fun time with this channel after randomly discovering it when searching about prisons.




Hi, im a newbie in DQ and played this game for almost three weeks. I saw a lot of post here with 299 stats. My question is how do they gain that stats since character stop levelling at lvl 99? Please reply. Thanks! :slight_smile:


The old DQ patches show 200 stat points. Since patch 3.0, that changed to 99 stat point.

Maximum level is 99 and you can ascend at that point.


Detailed guide Cuzeg as always.


Thanks answering @CuzegSpiked. Btw, how can I ascend my lvl99 wizard?



Thank you @PaNgaHazZz, what will happen to my gears and items in the inventory and stash? TIA


Im just gonna say that seven deadly sins is the best level 1 gear for gaining experience… just buy a full set with dust from the legendex on a level 1 character amd you will receive a level 2 set of gear, then add an exp mythstone to each item it will put you past the cap for the first 1-99 but once you reach magic ascention and above it works great, even on legend ascention i get 150% exp gain as a hireling (M3 of course) which is amazing for level 1 gear
Once you reach level 50 you can add a seventh set with pet, this gives you an extra 10%… not much, i dont have merlins imp but its good to have it…


Items will be moved to your characters personal storage, if there isnt eno8gh room then you wont be able to ascemd until you make room…


Ahhh ok, thanks!


This helped a lot. Thank you. I’m on to get my 2nd ascension perk. :joy: Still got a lot to learn though-- so I’m reading other topics here in the forum before I do anything stupid with my items- or perhaps I already did something I just didn’t realized it yet :smile: :laughing:


Thanks. Helped me a lot as well :smile: .