How to level up easiest way possible [guide]

Assuming you can farm gold quite easily and you got an exp farming build like the one griffin built, heres easy way to level up from 1-50 then rest of levels, from my experience and I’d like to share to make many lives easier.
Note: Exp Farming will still be very Grinding and tedious.

When Ascended:

Once you ascended , you become level 1, stats reset as well as your gear unequipped to the inventory and replaced with level 1 gear.
Dont worry, you can’t ascend with full inventory and you need at least 8 inventory space for ascension.

After that, place zircons and then place 6 quest stones onto that freebie level 1 gears given to you (Dont ever dispose if u don’t want to repeat zircon and quest stone).

Once you got that covered, make the ascended character hirling or have hirling and you be main character.
For a certain period of time, levelling will be easy buf you won’t shoot from 1-50 instantly on all ascensions.
After you feel like it took so long and your hardly making much progress or you want to be quicker, use gears that you collected, provided you collected them beforehand and put zircon with quest mythstone onto the socket.

This means wearing a druidic wildhide robe with ignore resist to save crystals as well as wearing some other gears to help level up faster.

The gears can be up to level40-80 but I recommend level40 because 1-20 is pretty easy, even at eternal ascension (since I got there in the first place).

That druidic robe wildhide (with ignore resist)and other gears level40+ should have 6 sockets filled with quest mythstone. Alternatively you can try finding rozenzi ring with ignore resist and do that same step of zircon on level40+ gear and quest mythstone on it.

The ignore resist is key on that wildhide robe or rozenzi ring for levelling up at single player to level up quicker since levelling up with hirling is slow compared to levelling in single player.

After you completed that step, use those level40 gears (wearable once reaching level 20) on single player on any floor above 100 that you found easiest then grind there without hirling and you will find that levelling will be very easy.

This is no hack or exploit or even abuse, this is just a method that I discovered.

Obviously after you reached level50 (quickly or slowly) you can re-equip exp gears that you either made yourself or inspired by griffins exp guide.

This is an easy way to get to level1-50 for any ascension.

After level50+ though, its gonna be a massive grind for certain ascensions so you will need to dedicate much effort and some time for this and you will make it! :heart_eyes:

Just wanted to add these extra tips to make someones life easier when ascending.

This is the least crystal way I can think of. Obviously there will need to be some stack of zircons and some other crystals for griffins build as well as the zircons for thr freebie gears given from ascending and the level40+ gears.
Of course you can look for gears with empty sockets level40+ and for the wildhide/rozenzi , you just add the socket and place quest mythstone to get 200% max exp gain.

Another tip is to level from level50 -100 is have a seven deadly sins gear with 6 quest stones and the seven deadly sins gear has some dps affixes to help with the exp farming. You can get up to 271% exp gain on the seven deadly sins gear but I don’t know if it goes over the cap so just try griffins blightedswamp exp build after reaching level50+ .

I hope these tips to level up really save a life and make dq easier :blush: :smile:


Update: I cannot level down items to level 40 for level 20 character so Druidic robe is ruled out and other such items but that’s ok because crystal crafting can still allow you Ignore Resist at level 20 character on level 40 gear as well as other affixes for high damage solo EXP farming.

#At level 1
Firstly you have the ascended character at level 1 when you clicked the perk you wanted and your character will end up having the level 1 gear equipped automatically.
The level 100 items remain safely in the inventory and you need your inventory not to be full before ascension as it doesn’t let you with full inventory.

When the ascended character is level 1 , grind that character to level 20 with the hirling who has level 100 gear to level 20.
No zircons required at this point since level 20 is fairly easy even for eternal ascension. Although you can add quest stones on level 1 gears if you keep them and if you use hirling to level him/her up all the way to 50.

#At level 20

Once the character reaches level 20, this is the best time to level up solo without hirling since it’s far quicker but if you do decide to keep hirling, they would also have quest stones.

With the level 40 loot you found on floor 40 or so with at least a socket , use the 6 zircons for the 6 quest stones for 200% EXP Gain. This gear doesn’t even have to be legend as well.

Then with that level 40 gear for level 20 character, add amethyst for sets like Plagued , Momentum+Adventurer , Arcanist , ascendant, and any good set for a working level 40 build for EXP farming.

The crystal affixes are also included as well as ruby for legend affixes such as Ignore Resist , Blight , etc.
Also epic affixes like WD and ED.

You can even determine talents with Citrine and Natures with Beryl for extra power.

Once you got a working level 40 gear for level 20 character, play a floor around floor 101 or close to it if you can and do packsize % maps. In those packsize maps, group the enemies together and let them be poisoned with toxic poison clouds to kill them quickly for a huge surge of EXP and you’ll reach level 50 quickly, even in eternal ascension.

You can do this on mythic 3 and still do fine.
#At level 50

Once you reached level 50, this is where you equip your level 100 EXP grinding gear and you can do this solo or using hirlings.

A good example is this one:

Optional: You can add Nadroji bonus on the chest and Nadroji . Another thing is adding Epiphany set affix if you reached floor 600 epic difficulty to get up to 250% EXP Gain .

Also if you are using hirlings, having 6× quest stones on both characters. It used to be that hirling wasn’t viable because of negative EXP Gain but that’s less likely as hirling already adds 100%+ exp gain to make up for it. Optional is Epiphany and Nadroji Bonus.


Good guide!


Update : dust exists. That means you can craft your desired legends at level 20 and level up the item using Peridot crystal such as Wildhide robe or Fauns gift armour. This is a good way to adapt without the lebell

Although Ignore resist is still good , having 100% weaken is also good as epic affixes since it deals double DMG than ignore resist normal DMG but it’s not as big as level 100 gear.

Of course using zircon and quest stones.

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great thread. when I decided that dreaming of Perks wasn’t enough, I did something similar to what @CuzegSpiked wrote. got dust for the legends I wanted for levels 1, 40, and 100. my level 100 gears are so craft modified now. just got 5th Perk, and working on 6. added Nadroji Bonus before I got the 5th perk, so hoping for better experience. Quest Stones for the Perks!


Yep. That’s great that you did. When I did Ascensions, I ended up making so many big mistakes that it took me a while to fully learn but when I did , I really wanted to share. Although without realising, @JesusSaves also made a similar thread to me but just as good or better.

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well, I spent a lot of time just playing and having fun, learning as I played. then I discovered the forums, and learned a lot there, especially the posts on what the Toons learned that isn’t explained in detail in the Codex. so I had a good head start on what to do before I went crazy and started on my Ascension Road.
thanks to every one who played DQ and shared their experiences with the DQ community. makes the Forums seem like a Codex+.


Lol. Agreed

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XD. Forums is the big codex. DQ codex pales in comparison lmao.

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Lol uh huh

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After ascending, I just proceed to farm at flr200. It won’t be as fast as the guide but eventually you will still reach to lvl50.

Just feel sad because I’m on my 5th ascension almost top 6th and didnt put exp mythstone on my farm gear. Blight 600% is just kinda useless if you kill fast enough. Should I replace my Blight with Exp mythstone? I was just thinking even if you max level your character fast, your hero skill level won’t be. Meh, was thinking why bother. Or should I?

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destroying monsters fast is good, destroying monsters fast with 200 max experience is faster Ascending. only thing making it faster is store exp boost and shrine exp boost, 100% boost each. possible 400 experience boost. after Perk 6, you can take out the Quest Stones and put other stuff in their place.
Question: do you go back to level 1 after your sixth perk? or is it ‘get there and find out’?


Lol. Yea… you’ll 'find out. :joy:

:crystal_ball: :cry: :crying_cat_face: @Homicide
talking about level up easy, I read some posts about Nadroji Bonus and how it helps with gaining experience due to more magic/rare tier monsters spawning. well, I took the Nadroji set off of the hat, and used the +2 set on the Nadroji ring. didn’t notice the bonus turning off for 2 days, but I sure felt good with all the experience I was getting. I thought I was getting. I was having a hard time getting another hat, so I just used a Nadroji necklace instead, and the bonus is working fine. only my build is messed up now, and need more crystals to fix my gear. had some affixes maxed, and now they are not. the hard part is my ex friend, Delete Character, telling me to just start over. less stress that way. I think I will just ignore him.


Hahaha. Placebo effects are fun :slight_smile:

just realized I could have gotten it with Dust, but I like the Crystal affix I have on it at the moment, and I have no Obsidians.

Hirling or Solo guys? I prefer solo because of the potential of 400% exp gain . Hirling is still good , especially when both have 200% exp gain .

A matter of preference basically.

I recommend solo based on my awesome experiences after many mistakes. Thankfully negative exp gain no longer exists. It’s part of my motivation on why I created this guide tbh.

Always mythic 3 imo. Although other difficulty levels are ok. It’s all up to you in this game.

Not necessarily placebo effect. Nadroji bonus does give more magic enemies and epic enemies at all for EXP Gain. But Nadroji bonus also limits your DMG output since you have 2 sets dedicated to Nadroji bonus and a bonus . I found it better to not use Nadroji bonus , dedicate the sets for more DPS or so and use Epiphany for 250% exp gain which I actually found faster.

Or both can work.

Or no bonus at all and keep farming. It’s all up to you.

Although it could be placebo effect in some way .

He said it was missing and he didn’t realize it…
Thus my subtlety

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well, when I first put it on, the bonus was activated, but I didn’t check after I modified the hat, for 2 days. I mean, I looked at the item, but didn’t think about the bonus being dark, for 2 days. so I was getting a lot of phantom experience, for 2 days. not only that, my 2 days of Nadroji happiness has been deflated. just need to farm for the crystals I need, and I can be happy again, with my Nadroji Bonus all lit up.
mostly I am using the Nadroji for farming purposes. after I am done Ascending for experience, the higher tier monsters that are spawned with the bonus will help with better/more drops than with normal monsters.
I prefer solo, but I am thinking of having 2 of my Toons being a pair, just not sure which ones yet. focusing on my first char getting ascended at this point in time.