How to Level Up Fast?

Hi guys… I am new in this game… I have level 45… after that… it is so slow to level up… please help me… and tell me about Ascension or after getting level 99… Thanks !!

Use ?larimar? and diamonds to reroll challenge maps for 100%+ packsize. Use + experience gear (affixes or quest mythstones). Kill as fast as you can. If you aren’t running trough mobs, lower the difficulty.

When you get lvl 99 you can ascend - you level is reset to 1 and you choose one permament ascension perk. Up to 6 times. Every next ascension require more exp to get to level 99.

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Thanks for the comment but What is The + experience gear?? And what is the use of permanent ascension?? …and I am on 46th Floor… tnx…

if u use quest mythstkne on a socketed gear ul gain xp boost %.

ascension perk help ur farming easier.
dealer perk -inc sell rate by 10x
treasured -300%crystal/eternal gear find
fortunate -200%gf/luck 5yards pick up
hunter - spwn epic enemy on shrines/wells
accomplish - reduce requirement for feats by 25%
enshrined - 2 shrines spwn each map inc map effect by 300%.

also the more time u ascend the gold req inc by 5m.

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Use poison element. :grin: helped me alot

Thanks for the Help!! But Just 1 more question… if Level 49 char. Can get a Mythic Item?? Thanks… Ihave 2 eternal items came from What I got in arena… I am in a Mythic league

You can get mythic items at every level. You just need 4 socket items and mythstones that are used for creating mythic item. + experience gear are legendary items that drops with + bonus experience %. Early in the game they will be mostly Faun’s Gift set items. Look for legendary items with + exp red affix or put quest mythstone into socket in your item.

So can I make an Epic Item loose its affixes and put a 4 sockets?? then what would I put in the 4 sockets to become a Mythic Item??

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