How to make a full epic set pet with out topaz

Hello im a newbie in this and like all other newbie i know the shortage of rare crystal and 5 topaz a single affix is quite hard to put up with.So as i was said in mine topic this is the way you can get a full epic set pet with out any topaz needed
Step1:Get any pet you want no matter the radity ( but i recommend you to take a high quality pet so that we can reroll it start )
Step2:Use angelite to upgrade it till you got epic radity
Step3:Removethe affix you dont want with kyanite
Step4:Reup it with anglite , now you can see the affix you up is always an epic
Step5:Just do step 3 and 4 respectively till you got your perfect affix you want
Step6:Reroll it till you got a decent start (you can do it or not its your choice)
According to my experience it only cost 50 -100 crystal each to get it . You can also use this trick with item , the point is always keep it as the last affix you add . Btw that is the end hope you enjoy my trick but i guess almost every one knew it anw

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