How To Make Duels Fair Again

So I’m gonna rant a bit here because 5-10 out of the first 10 players are cheaters. We all know that. So I got a few suggestions which would make duels better:

1. Automatic Cheat Check

The chars have to be uploaded to the server, otherwise they couldn’t be downloaded client-side. So while they are at the server, an automatic check could happen if any of the affixes on the char’s equipment exceed the maximum possible value.
This could auto-ban accounts without any review needed.

2. Disable Pets

The more I think about it, the better I find this idea. Pets could just be ignored, so these “I found this pet in version 2.0” or “I have been extremely lucky (but I just found two eternal pets during my whole DQ experience” would just disappear.
I found two eternal pets during the long long time I’ve been playing, have three chars at ascension level VI and run around with maximum Luck and Eternalized (7) during pet hunts.
Guess what: both pets don’t get close to even having 20k HP and 10k ED+.

3. Only Allow Legend Pets

Oh yes, this would be great as well. Eternal pets could be scaled down to legend affix values!

4. Introduce Private Leagues

I could battle my friends in a private league and one of us decides who can join this league, and ban them as well. Holy moly this would be awesome! We could only add who we think is fine, and if somebody reeks he would just be banned.

5. Introduce “Real” Eternal, Mythic etc. Leagues

One must be ascension level V to be able to play at Mythic and so forth. This would cut out all the normal lvl 99 chars with all their perfect equipment which we all know can’t be accomplished with only one run to 99. Without hireling. Without ascensions. Without a gazillion hours of farming.

6. Reveal Equipment At Division 1

Yes, I do like this idea. If I can directly see what the others have on them I see if they cheat. Easy as that. Well this is of course a bit borderline since everybody will see my equipment as well and reveal my secret, but one could think of revealing only one item per week at random for instance.
So if I stay in the top ten for 6 weeks, my whole equipment is revealed, people can start copy or counter-build and this will spice up the life up there. It would also yield a great meta I believe. When somebody changes an affix on an item, it will be invisible again to others or something like that.

I will see if I get some more ideas in the following days or so. Let me know what you guys think :slight_smile:

  • Automatic Cheat Check
  • Disable Pets
  • Only Allow Legend Pets
  • Introduce Private Leagues
  • Introduce “Real” Eternal, Mythic etc. Leagues
  • Reveal Equipment at Division 1

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Great ideas. I support items 1-4!!

Item #5 I am indifferent.

I disagree with item #6 on the premise that we do all the homework and someone gets a free ride if they can view our gears. We need some type of reward for doing research, using our resources (crystals, mythstones, gold, time), ad nauseum testing, right?

Overall, very good suggestions.


Would not be needed if option #1 would be implemented :slight_smile:

I think completely disable pet will kill a lot fun.Reveal equipment will help cheaters.
It is time to release variety of customizable “pvp room”.For example,current arena is a big room with rule “dr95% / lv20 / allow any pet / hiden equipments”
We can create our rooms to welcome freinds(Need new system) to play with rule “dr92% / lv25 / no pet / show x equipments”
Hope that will come ture.

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1 automatic item check is already in place, veteran cheaters will not get caught as they’ve learned to follow the codex and possible affixes on gears.

5 removing 1 set affix and 5 other slot will drastically cause imbalance, which means devs will have to spend hours to rebalance affixes

3 Best option so far. You can still get, keep and use your eternal pet but when you use it in pvp it will scale down the affixes to legend pet

So yeah, scale down eternal pet affixes to legend pet in pvp is best option
and this solution will not be difficult to implement.

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Yup, #3. Just scale down all eternal pets to legend.

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#3. Just scale down all eternal pets to legend

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I agree on Option 1, The reason that i dont play pvp anymore is the cheaters are having fun and the legit’s are trying hard so i choose more option 1.

And also Option 6, Its really unfair if other players can see through our equipments that they could plan to countering it so.

I hope the duels are fair again in the next patch, Cant wait.

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#3 FTW, the best option.

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NO MORE ETERNAL PET. please :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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No eternal item no pet

Among all the choices for me the most relevant is No. 1 it covers 2-6. The eternal pet is not the issue here its the eternal pet’s AFFIX is the issue.Even if only legend pet is allowed they (cheaters) will still do the hocus pocus thing.#5 and #6 is not a good idea. At #6 well i do my homework of course with the help of my mentors (malunya & bloodymary). Just implement NO. 1 that is the best option.

Number #1 already exists.

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My bad, sorry :slight_smile:! Good thing it’s already in place, I didn’t know that.

I think scaling down eternal pets to normal pets seems like the clear winner here :slight_smile:! I also think this is a great option, alongside Private Leagues which also has a high response.

Thank you all for participating :blush: didn’t expect such great feedback!

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Private League, I forgot i like this one