How to make the cooldown so fast or no cooldown on my meteor

How can i make my meteor faster cooldown or what ms or crystal so it will dont hava cooldown. Thanks

Aftermath set


CD Reduction.

Aftermath set so my meteor has no cooldown or the cooldown became so fast?

If you use Aftermath, you’ll want to use meteor and an orb offhand. It will completely reset meteor cooldown if used correctly. See here:

There are other Aftermath builds. This is just an example.

I just explain to you on invite. Cuzegs meteor god also has aftermath but no meteor proc because there wasnt enough space at the time. Also the meteor peocs ate so low that it’s not worth adding lots of 9% meteor proc for it to work in arena. In arena it works just by pressing meteor then shatter but orb will be needed to teleport to opponent. Just an example and to support that, you can use stealth or something even though stealth is nerfed a bit so dps will end up being nerfed. Ofc there are other methods. In arena, your biggest focus is very high dps and high survival of any means whether by stealth, high hp or just blinking to opponent

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