How to make violet items?

How to make violet items? And i dont understand those 5M rebirth.?.

Violet items are called Mythic Items which you can obtain by adding 4 sockets (using Zircon). After adding the right combination of 4 mythstones you will have mythic affix.

You can check all mythics available and the combinations

Those items are called Mythic items, and you need gear with four slots. You put a combination of Mythstones that you can find on the Wiki ( to obtain the skill’s effects.
As for ascensions, you pay for the ascension once you reach max level (99) and then you may choose 1 of 6 perks that will aid your PvE adventures. You can do this six times.

Will those rebirth stack?

How come i cant use crystals to improve the lvl of my eternal items?

Yes. once you’ve ascended/rebirth you will gain those perks - permanent

Eternal items are unable to be modified. They are special in that they have +50% Quality and doubled stats. The normal is +25%.

So eternal items are better than mythic ones?

That depends on build and preference.
There are eternal items that spawn with four slots that can be made Mythic and then have three more epic affixes added.

Any advices on how to lvl up fast? Tnx.

And one last thing what are those skyblue items?

Skyblue items are Crystal items with blue/crystal affixes. You can make those by putting a crystal stone called Obsidian on items. Or if your lucky, you can loot them but it’s a rare chance.

And if you happen to reach floor 350+ and get items with crystalline, they can boost chances to find skyblue items (crystal legends) by a certain %. Another good boost is the treasured ascension perk which gives an easy 200% crystal legend find and eternal legend find. The eternalized /crystalline combined with ascension is really good for farming eternals/crystal legends wigh specific crystal affixes for getting those crystal affixes without having to use obsidian.

In the late game, when you have enough gold, you can convert quite a good amount of eternals that feel completely useless to you for a higher chance fo get ultra rare crystals (jasper-obsidian). These ultra rare crystals are extremely useful in crafting. Also you can convert certain crystal legends with crystal affixes you don’t plan to use (unless you need it for a build) and even then, just keep as many crystal legends as possible and don’t convert them (it is up to you though).

There are chances of eternal items with crystal affixes too which can be somewhat useful depending on your build as well as a chance for eternal rare legends if need be. I am not sure if its possible but there could be a miniscule chance to get crystal rare legends with affixes that can be in crystal form. Eg, total hp on nadroji amulet could be a cryatal affix on nadroji amulet but i can’t confirm if this is true or not. I have found eternal rare legend items (nadroji ring amd robe 2.0 versions) but never a crystal rare legend so i am guessing there is no such thing as a crystal rare legend,

This is all up to you though and every player decides how they truly want to play.

A lot of your questions can be answered here: