How to obtain Eternals in each map?

Since a few (old) updates I stopped getting many Eternals.
Now their frequency is like 1 each 10-20 challenge maps.

I read that some people (hopefully not just the usuals with end-game gear or with pay2win) still get 2-3 in each map.
How could I obtain that too?

Currently, I’m at level 86 Ascension4 (red).
I only miss Accomplished (next pick) and Hunter.

At level 200, Mythic3, normal map, no shrines, with Eternalize3, Nadroji3, with hireling, my stats are:

  • Luck for drops: 646%
  • Gold for drops: 600%
  • Item drop: 133%

Secondary questions:

  • will the devs ever remove the exp cap for level 200? It’s so annoying having to stay in those levels.
  • will the devs ever add the possibility to add the previously-found Eternals in my inventory to the Codex? It’s not like an impossible algorithm, damn…
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It’s all about maxing farm stats and rampaging through high quality maps (rare+) at, typically, floors 500+. A common farm build for this purpose would have Epiphany (for 1012% luck and 250% Item Drops) and Eternalized (5). I’m not a farming expert, though.

I had found both ring and amulet of epiphany in eternal versions before 3.0 and now they cost 11k dust each, lmao. That would be a dream XD

You can get more eternals on maps with higher luck% and item drop% (epic maps are good for this) or if you can get legend maps. Try getting more luck and get eternalised to rank 6.
There is no such thing as “pay2win” in this game, however, time will often be the most precious commodity you’ll need to spend in order to do well in the game.

That is quite low , especially for end game or trying to reach but it isn’t the worst . Well the cap is 650% and for item drops, 200%. However since ascensions and Epiphany set came, you can get 812% cap for gold find and luck. With hirling, you can get 300% item drops and with epiphany, 350% (250% in single player).

Nadroji (3) is also quite low so add 2x 2+ all sets to make it rank (5) for higher chance of ultra legends and for nadroji bonus, it will appear as Nadroji 6 since 2 slots are devoted to nadroji for bonus. This means Nadroji (2) +4 = (6) if you used 2x 2+ all sets as cap. Put 2+ all sets on jewellery like amulet and ring.

Another thing is the fortunate perk which already adds an extra 200% above cap so 650% cap is 850% total luck and gold. If using Epiphany, you can get 1012% gold find and luck at rank (5). There is also Luck/Gold boost if you lucky to increase that number by 100% for good luck for free or paid.

Exp cap 200% is fine. Also Mythic 3 175% exp gain happens without affecting cap so enemies already have exp increased by 175%. Floor 101-200 has best results in exp gain as below, you get less exp. Also above floor you get less exp and item drops overall. Pack size seems higher in floor 200 or below. With epiphany, you can get 250% exp gain cap. Magic enemies and above drop more exp and you can increase the group size by maps and Nadroji Bonus.

With boost or shrine, you can get 300% exp gain or 350% even if you use epiphany. I remembered when you could get 1100% exp gain before the nerf to make exp boost less OP and give proper +100% exp gain above cap and shrine. Then there are people i’ve heard who ascended well without Quest Mythstone but Quest Mythstone 200% exp gain is handy. Yes it is harder to level per ascension but you can get there.

My fastest way was that at level 1, I ascend with quest mythstone on easy floor 101 or so with a level 40 build after reaching level 20 and do pack size maps repeatedly. I gain up to level 50 in one hour, even in Eternal League. First 20 levels will always be easy with hirling to help you too.

Though using Hirling can reduce exp gain unless you get both characters having high exp gain to get 200% exp gain or so. Hirling is useful though and farming floors as fast as possible in general for exp and farming.

1012% luck by epiphany makes legends very common because its such high luck on even a pack size map and in extension, Eternals become more common thanks to Treasured perk and/or Eternalized. Same with crystal legends.

Or salvage legends for dust, unlock one eternal and craft it to convert eternals to crystals.

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Well, reading the max cap, luck\gold are ~80% of the total, so they aren’t exactly low.
Item drop is only ~40%, however. Will increasing it with the Fortune mythstone make a difference in Eternal drops?

Eh, you’re talking about Elixir… you probably have a ton of them, but remeber that they’re super rare for normal players… :disappointed_relieved:
Not very feasible at the moment.

Ok, it seems that Epiphany is now mandatory to obtain some decent Eternal drops.
Not sure where the F* I’d put such affix, tho.
(maybe some special pets would help, but Legend+ ones have basically disappeared for me since that old update)

Ah, I’m already doing that: I put Quest in a (previously found) Eternal Adventure crown.
Maybe I should add a Fortune too to also increase Items %.

Ok, I already have those.

Anyway, very detailed post, thanks.

I don’t really hunt for Eternal items myself, but I get 0-2 per map, and a few days ago, got my best Eternal drops with 4 on one map. I only have Luck 850% on Mythic 3, and recently just started using a Farming Build with Nadroji 6 with the Nadroji Bonus. I don’t even have an item drop bonus, but I plan on changing that when I get a few Crystal affixes on my gear to open up some space. I do have the Crystaline Set, so I am seeing a small increase in Crystal items, and those can be converted to Ultra Rare Crystals too.
when I was Ascending, I just focused on Experience for the Perks, and then worked on Farming, Climbing, PVP gear later. 6 Quest stones takes up valuable space, and you want your Ascending build to kill monsters and farm at the same time. hard combination to work with.


Does this mean I would need epiphany on both chars?

I also read somewhere the max stat for any green set had been changed

At one point, you could have +10 sets

Seems this still applies if gears (and/or with pet) is one set only, is that correct?

Use imp pet sometimes it gives eternal item :slight_smile: u just need to wait.
And if you hiking challenge map always use epic map (complete affix)

Use imp and set pickup items at epic. You won’t drop an eternal every floor but some floors you may drop a couple. It all balances out

Elixir is rare which is why the suggestion to farm floors up to 500 i recommend and as high of item drops as possible, no matter what difficulty. Of course speed farming too and potentially legend maps. The reason being that Mythstones and Crystals at higher floors increase in tiers so it is more common for the Higher end rare crystals to drop (floor 500, Obsidian has the % Jasper drops at any item drops).

Epiphany isn’t mandatory and you need floor 650 or unlock it to get it anyway since it won’t appear from amethyst. But Epiphany definitely does help in many things.

The reason I say your farm affixes are low is based on how much you can actually get now. Fortunate means 600% is actually 400% +200% for gold and luck for eg and 650% means 850% without epiphany in cap. Item drops, well you can get more definitely and fortune mythstone is a good start on a budget to save Ruby crystals. If you use hirling, well item drops can increase a lot based on the 100% bonus alone but doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the game alone. Still i recommend hirlings if you want.

and yes, item drops makes a huge difference for eternals. Why? Because more legends can drop and more gear drops that can turn into legends (based on high luck), then more gear that can turn into eternals or crystal legends. Eternalized/crystalline with perk of course helps. I see you got the fortunate and treasured perk, good choices.

Anyway im glad you like the post and wish you luck!

Well you can use Epiphany on one character for farm affixes but since the calculations are averaged by hirlings also, that means the increase isn’t the full 25% unless you put Epiphany on both characters. If it’s not farm affixes/exp though, then epiphany on one character is full 25% for the rest of the affixes in cap increases. This at rank (5) ofc.

Here’s a useful guide I created to help give ideas in planning a farm build whether basic or all out hardcore:

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