How to progress effectively at the very beginning of the game [The Duct Tape Build] [Hybrid PvE/PvP]

Here’s my first farm set for m3 :slight_smile:. I can clear fairly fast and easy up to flr 500. But the issue is that i cant feel the mp steal of aether drain, 1% hp on elemental crit. If im ryt it shud regen 1.3k hp per elem crit ryt since i have 130k mp. Or am i wrong? Im still lacking 2 legend item drop affix and my survivability is still lacking coz i cant feel the aether drain. Any suggestions for improvements? I feel like i over did d dmg since monsters from flr 500 and below easily die with just 1 orb, maybe i can sacrifice some dmg affix for item drops and survivability?

Another thing im wondering about is, do mp absorb mythstone work with manashield? I read somewhere that mp absorb only works with hp dmg, is this true? If it is then mp absorb will not work with manashield?

And lastly base on my current set up, which wud be better focus talent or sorcery?

Thanks again in advance :slight_smile:

Btw thanks to this reactor build im really enjoying it, specially the arc effect which fires laser everywhere. :stuck_out_tongue:

change the Element of your Hunter Ring to Poison.

it looks like MP Absorb doesn’t work with Manashield.

Sorcery would be better with a Poison Build than Focus.

take that Toxic off of your Robe and put another +250 MP on Hit. remember, your Skills are using up Mana faster than it is being replaced at the moment. also, you only have a chance to get Elemental Crits, and after 5-6 Elemental Crits, enemies become resistant to Elemental Crits. you already have a +73.2% Elemental Crit Chance without the Toxic affix. hope this fixes the MP shortage problem.

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Woah i didnt know that part about elem crits. Anyway i chose barrier cos i feel like my dmg is enough already for farming m3 flr 500 helps a lot when im mobbed, it gives me time to runway for safety.

Uhmm do u know anything about prismatic mechanics? Im planning make my build fun to watch by making the orbs and laser different color through prismatic, but im wondering about elem crit dmg when using prismatic. As u can see i have 3 blight legend affix, when prismatic proc a different element, does the elem crit dmg (blight) automatically changes to other elem crit dmg like blistering , frostbiting etc.? If it does it wud be great but if it doesnt, im willing to change the other 2 ECD to other elements using calcites.

And 1 other thing, wat element does ascendant set give bonus to? It says there “reduces enemys other resist -+12% with __ attacks” , is it arcane only? Or does the -+12% change depends on wat element did the prismatic procs? And lastly wat do “reduces enemys other resist” mean?

Prismatic: the Wizard Talent and Ascendant Set has a chance to change the Element of your attack to another element. if you are Arcane, then your attack are Arcane, with a chance to be one of the other 4 Elements. if you are one of the other Elements, Arcane won’t be one of the other elements, just one of the other 3 non Arcane Elements. the Elements Set has a chance to change the Element of the attack to another Element, even to Arcane.

%ED, +ED, and Epic Elemental Crit all need to be the same Element of your Weapons, even if they are on other items. if you have Ice%, Ice+, and Freeze on your Chest, but your Weapons are both Poison, you don’t get the benefit of those Ice affixes. even if you use Prismatic. the Element Set might work differently, but I haven’t tested that out yet. but if your weapons were also Ice, and you use Prismatic, then not only do your ice attacks get the boost, when using Prismatic, since the base Weapon is Ice, all of the Elements the attacks get change to get the benefit of the Ice on other weapons. Legend Elemental Crit is like using all the Epic Elemental Crits in one Affix. doesn’t matter what Element the item is. this is good for if you have both weapons with different elements, like fire MH & ice OH.

Elemental Crit DMG is different. you could have a Fire MH with a Ice Chest with Frostbiting. with Prismatic, any Prismatic attacks that cause Freeze get the benefit of Frostbiting. of course, you wouldn’t want Ice% or Ice+ or Freeze on that same chest, since they wont work with the Fire MH. also, Elemental Crit DMG doesn’t work with other Elements, just the one it is for, even with Prismatic.

with Ascendant Set, I believe that the weapon needs to be Arcane Element to get the benefit of the lowering of the enemies resist. I just consider ‘other resists’ to mean any resists the monster might have. with Weaken, this is a powerful combination.

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Hello golem good day to you :slight_smile:

So basically the legend affix ECD blight on my items will only affect poison elem proc of prismatic and not other elements. Noted.

And acsendant set needs ur weapon or attacks to be arcane to be able to get the benefits of reducing enemys other resists. Noted.

Thanks again for that great explanation golem glad to have someone like you here :slight_smile:

that reducing other resists isn’t all that important. most Builds with Ascendant use the Element you want to see the most on their Weapons, and use either Ignore Resist or Weaken. if you really want to make use of the reducing other resists, then you would use Arcane Weapons with Weaken. when adding Arcanist Set, then you absolutely need to use Weaken.

the way Weaken works, it becomes even more effective when taking advantage of the reduce other resists part of Ascendant.

Hello there, im sorry im back again with a bunch of questions. Pls bear with me again guys :v:

Well guys here it is…

Does this orb reactor build great with crushing flames? Or are there other builds which crushing flames shines d most?

I just want to try and tweak this farming reactor build to something , and i just want to know if crushing flames reactor build is possible. Just want to try new things.

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

the Duct Tape Build is a straight up Poison Build. you would need to switch to Fire or use Prismatic to get Fire, and also have some way of making Immolate and also have Crushing Blow. it is possible to make a Crushing Blow Duct Tape Build, but the Crushing Flames would be hard to get unless you used Dust to get those as soon as possible instead of trying to farm for them.

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Oh , yes your right , its hard for this build to include CB and crushing flames. Its loaded as it is.

Thanks @Golem

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Hey, it’s about 1week i started the game, and i would like to know if this build is still possible and good. Thanks for replys

the Build is still useful as is. the more recent posts are with new players asking the same question and replies discussing some minor changes due to this being an older Thread and there having been some updates to Dungeon Quest since then.

this Build is for Wizards, so if you want to use Rogue or Warrior, you might want to look through the Codex and see what Legend Items you can get on lower floors to get an early start. some of the ideas used in this Build can be used for the other Classes, but would take a little research on the players part to make it work properly.

Actually i know a bit of the game, i’m level 71 and i only have the Zeus of the Blessed, trying to have the Orb+ buff on it, but it’s hard. Ok ok, thanks for your reply

By the way i am actually using the Zeus of the Blessed the red one in image. And i just dropped the green one. And i would like to know which one is the best

ow, just find that it was impossible to remove affix on green item, rip

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Eternal Items (Green) double the values of affixes and have an Item Quality of +50%. as you can see in the post I shared, only a few Crystals can be used to Craft/Edit an Eternal Item. you are basically using an Eternal Item as is, with the ability to make some minor changes. the +50% Item Quality and doubled affix values is what make Eternal Items so powerful, but their weakness is the inability to make major changes to the item.

Legend Items (Red) are found with an Item Quality of -10% to +10% and can have the IQ increased to +25% using Emeralds. with a lower IQ and affix values not doubled, Legend Items are weaker than Eternal. the strength of using Legend Items is that you can use any Crystal on them to Craft/Edit them however you want, which can make them stronger than an Eternal Item.

using an Eternal Item or two in a Build is good if most or all of the affixes are useful in your Build, but the flexibility of using Legend Items makes up for Legend Items not being as powerful as Eternal Items.

Yes ok, i understand thanks for this info

Do you have a Discord that you can give to me ? To contact you for some help, i’m not a big fan of forum :zipper_mouth_face:

haha, no problem. one of my first Eternal items was a level 1 Eternal Golex’s Gauntlet. I used it for a long time until I learned more about the game.

after reading about how hard it is to craft an Eternal Item in the Forums, I decided to not use them, just convert them to Ultra Rare Crystals (was converting them to Dust, but I was still a Noob then). there are some Eternal Items that I have seen that look like they could fit into some of my Build ideas, but I haven’t gotten that far with actually using them.

sorry, I don’t have a Discord Group that I am a part of. you could always PM me, and I will help if I am able to.

@kowiz i learned the game following this build. And it works. Its cool too, casting stationary orbs which shoots lasers haha

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one thing that makes this build so powerful is the overlapping Toxic Clouds doing DMG to monster mobs.