How to purchase in-game items/etc

I’m planning to character slot, but i have no idea how, i don’t have any credit card, can anyone teach how could it be possible?

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Depending on your device you could purchase google play or iTunes cards and use them to purchase items :smile:

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im just using a simple andriod phone, probably i’ll just find a way to purchase credits on google play. can i have some suggestions on how can and where is it possible?

Buy using load

Globe and smart… Etc just google it… I did the same and it works… But u have to pay more since there is VAT added

Bro @deathGG , can you show me the process? or just in words anyway? if i load my sim in Globe, what should i do for me to convert it in google points?

U have to go to ur google settings then change it so thatthey can get credits through ur number… Search in google how to buy in play store using load

See if this helps

@deathGG so after doing this, you say that whenever i load my sim it will also be converted on my google account?

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Yess it will automatically convert… U can purchase using that load… But make sure u have enough… For example when u buy a slot it says there 46 php but there is vat added so u have to pay 52.80 since 12% is the value added tax in the Philippines that is

Ok got it thanks alot @deathGG, coz i get bored playing only one char :slight_smile:

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Same hahah plus havin another character boosts ur luck so its pretty awesome

probably for 1 slot char ill be spendin around 60 php right? btw how long are playing this game? @deathGG

Yes about 60 php… And im playing this game for 2 months plus now hahah started at the end of october last year.

is it worth to buy boosts? whats ur class? @deathGG

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Frankly i havent bought any boosts yet. But i think its worth it if u use it wisely… I suggest u ask the pros on how to use ur boosts properly so it doesnt go to waste

I got all class… Warrior, wizard and rougue… But my main now is rougue

Please help me after loading 60php, still purchased unsuccessfull please help me I want to have my 2nd char

Are you referring to Globe Load for your 60php?

You can send me a direct message if you like and I can try to help.

Still need help on that?