How to put quantity on crystal or mythstones

another newbie question :frowning:
i want to ask how to put quantity on crystal or mythstones to get higher effects? thanks

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use Emerald on your desired Weapon/Gear til you reach 25%

use Peridot on your desired Weapon/Gear til you reach level 100


@kiane_zaine thanks a lot very useful

Myth Stones are maximum values no matter what level item you put them on. an item needs a Socket to place a Myth Stone in it. items can randomly be found with a Socket or you can use a Zircon Crystal to place a Socket on an item.

Haste Myth Stone gives +15% Attack Speed on level 1 item or level 100 item for example.

Normal, Epic, Legend, & Crystal Affixes have a value range. level 1 items will have the lower values, and level 90+ items can get up to maximum values.

using Peridot Crystal might raise affix values a little when raising the level of an item.

using Fluorite changes the values of one Normal or Epic affix at a time. using Emerald to increase your items Item Quality increases the chance that you can get the highest possible affix value on that item.

using Diamond changes the values of all Normal, Epic, Legend, and Crystal affixes on an item at the same time. Emerald give the same benefit to the item as when using Fluorite.

@Golem hello sir do i need to put first emeralds to get 25% before adding mythstones to get a nice affix? thanks

@Golem because as what i saw on griffins guide to build mythics it requires a lot of mythstones so i conclude that if i put or do the same as the amount he posted i could get higher affixes? or its the old version? that’s why it requires a lot on it?


What @golem means is that:

You do not need 25% item quality to get the maximum effect of mythics or mythstones. The percentage effect of mythstones will be the same no matter the item quality.

Let’s say you have a -1 quality legend sword. If there is a socket in it and you placed a haste mythstone thereon you will still get 15% attack speed increase even if you do not use emerald crystal on it.

And on your second question:
You need a lot of mythstones if you want to convert them into higher level mythstones - the convertion rate is exponential - e.g., x2x2x2x2x2 and so on.


Item Quality and Myth Stones: Item Quality does not affect Myth Stones. a Flight Myth Stone will give +15% Attack Speed whether the IQ is -10% or +25%.

Affixes and Myth Stones: these are two different things. Affixes have a value range. I think Attack speed is min max +2.5% to +15% for Epic Affix. so on lower level items you wont get anywhere near the +15%. on higher level items, you could roll any value between 2.5% and 15%. using Emerald to improve your Item Quality gives you a better chance to roll the 15% than the 2.5% on the higher level items. Myth Stone values are fixed. that Flight Myth Stone that is +15% Attack Speed will give you +15% on a level 1 item or level 100 item, -10% IQ or +25% IQ. another difference is that it is easier to get an Epic Affix Attack Speed. for the Flight Myth Stone, first you need the Myth Stone, and also a Socket to put the Myth Stone in.

Converting & Salvaging Crystals & Myth Stones: Converting requires two of a lower MS/CS to get one of the next higher MS/CS. so you would need 2 Hero MS to Convert into 1 Mentor MS. this will cost 500 Gold for the one conversion. if you needed a Haste MS, and had no Endow or Clarity MS, you would need 8 Wisdom MS. the 8 Wisdom would Convert to 4 Clarity, the 4 Clarity would Convert to 2 Endow, and the 2 Endow would Convert to 1 Haste. it would cost you 47,250 Gold for all the conversions. Salvaging requires one of a higher MS/CS to get one of the next lower MS/CS. so you would need 1 Mentor MS to Salvage into 1 Hero MS. this will cost 1000 Gold for the one Salvage. using the above example, I would only need one Haste MS to get one Wisdom MS. this would cost 39,750 Gold total going from Haste to Endow to Clarity to Wisdom.

as you can see, if you are going to do a lot of Converting & Salvaging to get the Crystals & Myth Stones you need, you are going to need a lot of Gold!!! when I was a Noob, I spent all the Gold I had to get a few of the Myth Stones I needed for better Equipment. now I can farm for them, but if I really need one sooner rather than later, I spend the gold to get it.

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Converting mythstones is very expensive. As the previous commentators have said item quality does not effect mythstones. It’s always good to improve item quality with regards to make other stats better using appropriate gems. Then rerolling with diamonds. The better stats you get then it’s easier to climb and higher mythstones become easier to get.

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Now the only time mythstones are improved ( the ones that give you a % bonus to a stat ) by the items they are used in is the deadly sins set :sunglasses: