How to put reactor in skull

Hi can you help me how can i put reactor to my skull as oh weapon thank you

Reactor is a Set Affix that can be placed on a Wizard Item with Amethyst. Reactor is activated when you cast the Orb Skill or activate the Orb Proc. Orb Skill is a MH Special Skill on Wizard Sword, or you can use Amber Crystal to change the Special Skill on a different MH Weapon to Orb.

these Wizard Items have Reactor on them

  1. Zeus - Sword
  2. Taranis - Robe
  3. Thor - Hat
  4. Brontes - Ring

MH Skills can only go on MH Weapons and OH Skills can only go on OH Weapons. Skill Procs can go on any Item (not Pets) and have a chance to Proc when you cast/use any Skill.

hope this helps.

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Oh thank you, it that means that i can’t put reactor to skull?

You can use Amethyst to put Reactor Set on your Skull, but you would need Orb Skill on your MH or 1 or more Orb Procs to Proc Orb when you cast your Skills.

what I would do is activate Skullshield and run around. If I need Reactor (against tough enemies or large mobs), I would cast Orb. Orb has a 1 second cool down and lasts about 3-4 seconds, so you could have 4 Orbs active at the same time, each one casting Arc while your Skullshield is shooting at enemies. since you only need to cast Skullshield once, that means you can run around and cast Orb whenever you need to. using Cooldown can allow you to cast more Orbs in a shorter amount of time, so you could have 6 or more Orbs active, each one casting Reactor every 0.5 seconds.

don’t use Skullshield to Proc Orb Proc, as that will cause your Skullshield to pause as it recasts.

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Thank youu so much

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glad to help.

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