How to remove affix on eternals?

I want to change the affix so that it complements my arcane element and increase total dmg
(Epic affixes not element)

@Vagabondpony you cant.


Hopefully on DQ2 xD

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You can’t, cause I think an eternal item is already an OP item you just need to find the right combo. As you can see the affix in eternal item is twice it’s value compared to it’s legendary form, that’s maybe the reason the Dev. didn’t allow it to be changed, and you must not cheat or else your account will be banned. Cheating will just ruin the essence of a game.


@Vagabondpony here is a post on what can and can’t be used on Eternal items. hope it helps. umm, although the post was on that thread, it is also good for players interested in PVE also.