How to remove set bonus affix?[SOLVED]


I only used the 7 deadly sins for xp ascending. Farming xp on floor 100 with 6 deadly sins equipped was easy and gave me the full 200% xp bonus. I just put a quest stone on each piece. Just hit level 98 on my last ascension and dumped it all, and I’m going back to floor climbing and I’ll get my last level somewhere in the 800s. I wanna climb to 1k, finish my hero levels (I’m at 95 right now) and then farm up some crystals to make a PvP set since my PvE set is complete.

That said, I’m sure there are other uses for the 7 deadly sins set, but I don’t think it does anything better than a crafted set. I think its just a nicely balanced build for PvE.


6 Sins and 25% proc chance is 55% proc chance total. not too bad. if it is additive.


Haha :grinning: summon Furies procs spring to mind


I bet your next project is going to be the Furious Seven Deadly Sins Proc Build! :wink: I almost put Hybrid in the title, but then realized that wouldn’t work.


Yeah the Seven Deadly Sins set based on the anime and it is awesome the anime as well as a nice reference to it. It would make sense they are restricted but OP at the same time if negative affixes weren’t on them (negative affixes are pink) or when all 7 join for a decent power build for funs. I remember seeing someone like cronos use it for fun for an xp build or so. Though i do like epiphany and exp gains too.


@Golem a build that uses no skills , talents, 1 set. Add masters and procs. Lol sounds funny


@dickwad I almost ROFL for real.


55 precent chance. Lol. This will be crazy. Hey just had a mad idea. Maybe a vanish could work if your other items are deadly sins


if you put the right procs that work well together, it could be a pretty powerful build. would need +10 all skills to really make it shine.


Will try it out. @Golem first finding is the master stone in socketed item value increases to 11.5 to all procs with just 3 items and 1 masterstone inserted. Vanishing is not happening. Legend procs down to 3.3 percent in pvp. I may have to stack


How do you made it? :confused:


@dickwad most people who post about 7 DS say it not good for PVP, but if you can make it work, :+1:. it’s all those bonus affixes that are in the way that make it a tricky build to do anything interesting with.


Preliminary test results using 3 set items


you showed your necklace twice.


Sorry lol. PvP tests next


WOW x 100!!! those bonus’s activated in PVP!!! can’t wait to read about the results!!!


There is no way the whole set is viable but I’m looking for the horn to convert to the wizard version. I agree with 10 all skills as the way to go. As well as 10 all talents. Another masters stone too. It will be a four deadly sin build unless I find the imp.


well, unless RNG is your long lost uncle leaving a Merlin Imp to you in his will, you will probably end up with the other Sins before you get the Imp. :smiley_cat:


Lol I know :fearful::fearful: