How to remove set bonus affix?[SOLVED]


How do I remove set bonus affix without affecting cerebral vortex set and PTL affix?


Set bonus affix can only be removed by removing set affix :neutral_face:


It can’t be removed. Sorry.

Maybe with Quartz, but not sure about that.


That is the beautiful, you can’t, hahahahahahahaha


Its okay though…really wish I knew this earlier before maxing out the quality lol


I guess there’s a balance element to the mechanism so that nothing comes out too OP. (I wanted to put nova or enigma on it but oh well).


Start from the bottom. Get a legend with 1 or two good affixes. Add a crystalline. Go from there if the affix is good. Maybe add four sockets for a mythic etc


use quartz remove from bottom to top so… remove and ‘clean’ the weapon. :sweat_smile:





How did you do it? Is it a rollable affix (by using amethyst?)


If you can remove everything but the set affix with one quartz you can get the bonus off.


Thnx man


Wow may try it with deadly sins


Deadly Sins set won’t let you use quartz at all.




that makes sense @djmichaelbasic & @dickwad. a big part of what makes the 7 Deadly Sins Set are the NEGATIVE bonus affixes. if you could get the negative bonus’s off, I think that would make the 7 DS OP. besides, the 7 DS set nerfs the + set affix, so this is a build that requires a lot of thinking and some experience playing DQ to use well.
also, it is nice to know it is possible to remove a bonus affix, even if it might take a lot of Quartz & items to do it.


Right in the last two days I’ve unlocked 3 deadly sins. So what do I use it for ?


I’ve got all 6 unlocked now, but no Merlin the Imp for all 7. I read a post where someone said they use it for farming. this would be the ultimate set to test your crafting skills on. 3 spaces on all items are the Set, Bonus, and Curse. no way to make Mythic 7 Deadly Sins items. and some of the other affixes can’t be rolled, so it is a choice to keep them or replace with something that can be rolled.


The set gives a 5 to all chances except crystalline affixes. I think legend procs stacked may work