How to reset ai behaviour / default?

Hi. Just wondering if there’s a way to reset ai behaviour on android. I noticed after adjusting slider for follow distance, it will no longer set to 0. 1 yard is lowest value. But before i toyed with it, it was at zero and character was doing everything fine . Now he just kinda standing around.

I toyed with other settings too but seemed default values worked the best for now.

clear data and download?

Mah. Unfortunately not that simple. Seems hirelings infos are stored in save file.


Unfortunately there is no reset to default on A.I settings - a good feature suggestion for developers to add so if player mess up A.I settings, they can reset it nicely to do well. Another way however is creating a new character to find out new default settings for the A.I as deleting character isn’t an option worth doing and you can write down or memorize those A.I settings.

I’d suggest just play around with the A.I settings to try and fix the issue. You’ll probably understand how it works with trial and error as that’s the only way honestly. You can obviously ask more experienced players too .

Start using at range means the A.I starts using the skill at this certain range away from an enemy or player and you can figure out what’s best.

Using often means skill will cast as often as possible but very often means it will always try to cast skill no matter what very often. Normally means normal casting. Sometimes means sometimes it will cast . Rarely just means it rarely uses the skill and never uses means obviously never use.

A way to make the character attack in the order you want is play around with the ranges and the highest priority skill at the lowest range or whatever range you find best. A skill that happens further away from the enemy will attack first and a skill that happens closer to the enemy happens last .

This is if one A.I setting is further away , the other is closer to enemy and the last skill to cast is closest to enemy. Then with the attack often, normally settings , you can choose how the A.I behaves with the skill once it reaches that distance.

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1 yard means cast the skill that close to the enemy. 90 yards means cast a skill 90 yards away or in range but it depends on the skill.

Then there’s the follow hirling setting, run away from enemy setting and the behaviour setting with the HP % as well as other things.

If you don’t want to run away from enemy as A.I , 0 yards is fine. 1 yard can mean run away to 1 yard . Generally you want the run away setting to lower than the skill that casts closest to enemy or player . If my skill casts at 28 yards but the enemy approaches me to close the gap to 20 yards, the A.I will retreat until it’s 28 yards again. It’s different for different people though.

Follow teammate is where the Hirling hero attempts to stay within a certain distance from you. 1 yard means they stay as close as 1 yard distance to you. 20 yards means they can stay within 20 yards from you and if you exceed the 20 yard range, they come back to you. Hirlings do teleport after all. 50 yards is similar story but for 50 yards.

Finding a good balance is somewhat tricky and especially for 2v2 but you want it to be in a range with the skill they cast as well. If hirling skill is closest 20 yards casting but the main character skill casts closer, you’d want the Hirling to stay within 20 yards and cast or something like that . Best for ranged skills.

Behaviour setting is another setting that can be tricky to understand but not too bad. 99% behaviour means they will 99% of the time use the defensive skills, attack and healing. If you set it to 80% , that means they attack 80% of the time and the other effects at 80% but 20% of those times, they simply don’t do it maybe. I’m not quite sure but it’s a matter of trial and error like the other settings. Higher is usually better if you want them to engage more but sometimes lower can work. It can synergise with run away from enemy as well for better running away and being an attacking person when in range again.

Again this is only my hypothesis or theory based on what I’ve seen and tested but I’m not 100% correct or sure do it’s worth testing yourself.

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Sweet. Thanks for the in depth reply. :slight_smile:

I managed to get it configured and working well. So all is good.

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I feel like I only just understand A.I now even though I have used some settings with the help of @Mr_Scooty and my own trial and error. Also @Midlumer thanks too.

Figuring this out on the fly.

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