How to transfer account?

Hi there guys. How do you transfer account to other device?

You save yer char on yer dq :cloud:️ Then ye dump yer old device and get thee new 1 then ye login yer icloud on yer new device and ye login with yer newlee installed dq then you downflood yer chars then ye continyou playin enjoy dope. (I am drunk af sorry fo ma bad french)


Fully understood thanks

Is there a way to clear my DQ cloud of an old account so I can upload my current one?

There is no way u can clear ur DQ cloud… But u can replaced with the new one. Yea

It won’t let me upload the account I want until I download the other one from the cloud.

In tht case u need to back up ur save game first… Rooted android only…

Legit way :joy:

transfer account to other device . if you uploaded it into dq cloud. you can play it on other devices. just remmember your account username and password. :blush: