How to use wizard?

I m done with warrior…
But i have no idea to play wizard…
what stats should i add for wizard?
any talent that i should keep in mind?
for warrior i have no problem with high ar, +2 attack with legendary axe with electric element where bleeding refill my health…
but with wizard, i have no idea how to play

First off, thank you for playing!

If you have already played through as the warrior then the wizard will indeed be a different experience for you.

First thing I would say is to check out our wiki site for Dungeon Quest. Here you will find TONS of info that SteigerBox has put together. You will get item info, talent descriptions, class build descriptions, and just overall a ton of data!

Check it out HERE

As far as stats go, I tend to focus my points (this is just my personal preference of course) on Mana at the start (about 9 points or so) then sprinkle in some power and health. Since I use the mana bracelet as my off hand weapon most of the time a high mana pool is important for me.

Talents for the wizard are very different from the warrior. Since you have four main builds: Summoner, Elementalist (lots of DoT effects),Black Mage (high damage output), and finally Blood Mage (mana and health pools combined with a bit of damage boost).

I really REALLY like the Prismatic talent as it make all my Elementalist skills really shine.

Try out the class and please let us know what ya think!

personnally i put all my points in power, i use meteor and teleport

Yeah, that is a great strategy. You do TONS of damage with meteor ( and now with auto aim…it is really great) plus if you do get surrounded or trapped you can just teleport out of danger which also does massive damage.

I really like summoning ghosts and then using my sword’s alternate attack. It is a big ball of damage with no collision. :smiley:

What talents do you hqve on your wizard? You use legion at all or buff their attack/damage output?

I personally like a much more “single target” oriented way
Using the legendary wand with a tofal of 4 bolts.
With fhe prismatic talent it doesnt really matter which act ur in since i have almost 3.0 attacks per second i dish out so many bolts the element doesnt make much of a different.
But wifh amply my dmg skyrockets.
Ofc im using a pretty old orb with still +1 bolt and seeking on it .
But talents and new item slots made me switch from my steigers fortune for just immense killpower :3

HAHA! Ok, yeah that is an old orb, but pretty awesome as well.

Those things are great if you still have them around, just don’t use remove enchant on it :smile:

Hell no its basicly perfect for a fghting wizard :3
Plus i was pretty sad when you removed the seeking orbs. I mean who uses them for the dmg anyways? :smiley:

The + to bolts on more powerful orbs got INSANE…so we trimmed it back :smile:

Hm yea i can see that :smiley:
3.0 attacks per second and 4bolts each attacks is prety darn hard if i compare that to my almost perfect sword

I use a sword as well, but to stay alive post floor 100 I find myself leaning on Prismatic (talent) and Storm from my wand a lot. The new Time Warp skill is one of my new favorites though LOVE IT!

After the 1.3 update, I wanted to make a new mage, since it should be a new experience to play through. I was lucky enough to get a new “blood magic” set ring item early in the game. And at this point I wanted to try this new build. I’m currently level 70, have full points in HP. HP Reg: 4.02
HP currently over 50k! Along with a sweeeeet staff, I’m doing great damage and don’t have to worry about “no mana left”. :smile:
Try it out guys! It’s kinda difficult to play at the beginning, but will be one of the best builds imo after “endgame”.

my warrior att speed is + 89% with extra 2 attack… i m struggling with wizard… oh god

We have had a few users ask to be able to turn off the auto aim feature (esp. for the wizard). As a new wizard player how do you like the current auto aim? Do you find it easier to use skills like storm and meteor or do you find that you are whiffing more attacks (ie using the skill but not hitting the enemy you are “aiming” at)?

Also, as a quick tip:

The Time Warp skill (secondary mana bracelet) not only slows down enemies and their projectiles but it also BUFFS the damage of the element that is on your mana bracelet.

So…if I am a Wizard with Livid’s Wicked Wand, and the Amplify Talent, and the Magnify Talent WITH a Mana Bracelet that has the Poison Element you are going to be doing SICK damage to anything in that time warp bubble/dome.

If we have autoaim what is the use of seeking than? …
But that bubble thing i would love to try it but the teleport of orb is just too mighty.

[quote=“sas90”]If we have autoaim what is the use of seeking than? …
But that bubble thing i would love to try it but the teleport of orb is just too mighty.[/quote]

Great point! You’re still able to run away and do damage from seeking bolts and they still focus multi bolts onto one target, but other than that there’s not much. Auto-target’s goal of course was to make targeting way easier, but hopefully not at the expense of fun, so we’re also considering an option to toggle it off and on in the next patch.

As far as seeking and +bolts go, we’re evaluating the future for those affixes. Might see if we can make them a bit more… awesome. :smile:

How bout +different element bolt? :smiley:
But yea pls give me an potion to turn auto aim off
I love how my bolts go around in arc an such stuff they do with seekng

That’s an idea :smile:

We’re also thinking +Bolt Size, and possibly +Chance to cast additional ( full damage ) bolt. Will see how they play out.