How Useful is Nadroji Set Bonus?

Can anyone provide insight on how useful the new Nadroji Set bonus of “100% Enemy Rarity” really is? I’m grinding floors on Normal/Legend difficulty (at about 425 currently) and I haven’t clearly observed any benefit at all since looting the Robe. If the map says +rare enemies, I see a couple more rare enemies. If it says +2% epic enemies, there are 1-2 Shrine Champions waiting for me but this seems exactly the same as without the Robe.

At higher floors is there a chance that the Epic enemies become Legendary instead? Otherwise, I’m considering stripping off the bonus affix and replacing it with something more useful.


The bonus doubles the chance for a random mob pack to be magic or rare instead of normal. It has no effect on epic/legendary/mythic enemies. Magic and Rare enemies can drop certain legends that normal mobs can’t, and they give more XP. Maybe more gold, too.

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Thanks moxyll,
To me that bonus sounds relatively useless, at least in comparison to the legendary affix that I could put in its place. More XP and more gold are always nice but I’d rather have better survivability or clear speed with the addition of a legendary affix. To me the only possibility of the set bonus being useful would be if a legendary monster could spawn randomly to accelerate the Mythic enemy feat.

Thanks for the info, looks like I will be stripping off that bonus soon :smile:

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I haven’t tried it myself but I don’t think you can remove bonus affixes

Just found that out the hard way :frowning:

That sucks lol

you can’t remove the bonus affixes so better get another item or build around with the one that has the bonus.

That bonus is extremely useful. If you have a plagued build that easiky destroys them anyways, it won’t affect you in hp. You will get more gold, more xp if you want to be eternal rank and a higher chance of rare legends in the long run. This is especially useful in packsize map.

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Kinda dumb for me to be asking this, but if i have the nadroji head and robe, do the bonus’ stack together or are they pointless to have both?

still 100% even if you use the suit and head at the same time you just waste 1 slot of affix :cry:

You can remove it by quartz but risky, but if anyones wondering , if maybe u plan on removing set bonus in the future, u can use quartz and take ur chances to be lucky, but do this first b4 crafting so u wont waste precious xtals, coz its all chances. This is what ive done to remove the set bonus of epiphany head, ive used quartz in several epiphany head and i got lucky to remove all but the set affix epiphany, d only downside here was the item became a normal item from legendary, meaning stats that u craft to it has a min to max values when u put an affix to it instead of the legendary item affix values of not lower than 75% of the max values. But, the set epiphany is all i need thats why its still ok for me, anyway ive still maxed all affix in it though

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If you want nice eternal pets, legend pets, ultra rare items then nadroji is a MUST :face_with_monocle:

Okay will show you my pet collection gained from Nadroji bonus, eternalized set, epiphany set to raise cap on luck, 1012 luck on any level while using monster boosts and especially in eternal or legend maps ( Solo at floor 400 plus ).

Now put your feet up and relax :sunglasses: I hope that convinces you :laughing:


dude I’m so jelly of that pet collection…

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Now if you have Nadroji set bonus on two equipped items it is even better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Someone has way too much time on their no hands.


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