How you get enternal items or weapens Read to find out

First you must have the following:finished normal story mode or compaighn then atleast legendary armor and legendary weapens : then you complete one of the top 3 3 3following feats or missions

Kill 100 rare enimies :1st
Kill 10000 enimies : 2nd
Kill 100 magic enimies : 3rd

I’m guessing you’re new to the game just like myself. however, you should probably make sure your information is true.

Actually in order to increase your chances of finding Eternal Legend items, you will need to do an Ascension (which is available once you hit level 99) and choose Treasured as your Perk. It will increase your chance of finding Eternal as well as Crystal Legend items by 300%. However, that alone is not enough, meaning there is still a low chance of finding such Legends. Once you get Treasured as your Ascension Perk, the next thing to do is to cap your Luck up to 650% and do another Ascension and choose Fortunate (gives 200% Luck and Gold find beyond cap) thus giving you a total of 850% Luck. Then, cap your Total Item Drop to 200% by socketing Fortune mythstones on your gears. Once you reach the cap, spam floors 180 to 200 and farm for the Nadroji set.

However, if you’re looking for a sure way to get an Eternal Legend item, you would have to kill a Mythic enemy. A Mythic enemy spawns once you killed a total of 10 Legend enemies (1 Legend enemy spawns for every 50 Epic enemy kills). The problem is, this will take a lot of time, and if you’re undergeared, killing even the Legend enemies might be a very tough battle.


Hey bruh I’m not new actually I played the game before and so far I got 3 legendary each 5weeks I’ll make a updated version of the following internal guide

By 100 magic enn
Imies I meant 10000 lol

the problem is your post is about eternal gear not legendary. the other person that replied provided accurate information regarding eternal gear. no need to get offended because I said you were probably new.