HP/MP leech still exists?


I would like to know if HP/MP leech still exists?
i used obsidian to take a HP leech but not see any yet (just got one “mp on hit”)

i know that blood magic is no longer avaliable on legend items (thanksfully got one before update) but i would like to know if the lists (http://dungeonquest.wikia.com/wiki/Affixes) here are still “up to date”.
So HP/MP leech can be found on normal, epic or cristal affix or do they were removed by hp/mp on hit?

Thanks a lot :smile:


With 1.9, we will be replacing Leech with 2 different forms of Healing, “+HP on Hit” and “%HP on Hit”. “+HP on Hit” will give a specific amount of HP when you hit enemies, while “%HP on Hit” (Boon Mythstone) will heal a % of your HP. MP Leech will be replaced with similar affixes, but for MP of course. Any HP/MP Leech related affixes on your gear will be automatically converted to these new affixes.