Hp on hit Mp on hit

guys please help my life steal and mana steal not working having problems with this build


You dont have any hp on hit… It help when trying to gain health on hit…

I have it on nadrojis crown but when im always trying to hit at 200 Myth 3 no hp leech and a low mp leech T.T this build is too good for me but problem my hp and mp it eats it

And im having problems about greater resist ice monsters

Fury or Energy mythic. Or Blood Magic. :smile:

It’s a good start to a build, but no real focus. I think, with what you have, All Sets +2 from a Nadroji Ring and Necklace is a must as well as some polishing on what you want to focus on. Your dodge, unless you have a lot of Dexterity, is not high enough for Pathfinder to be really helpful, either.

put an “Ignore Resist” affix

Blood magic…why you remove blind immune

I dont see any hp or mp multiplier, i dont see any +Hp, any +Mp. For rogue normally they put all 294 hero point into power, if that is what u are doing too, your hp will be around 6.6K only and if u have 20 on health [Heroic] your hp will be around 7.9k hp. with +1% hp on hit, at max u only gain around 70-80hp per hit. it pretty low. same goes to your Mp.

Suggestion :
u can change your resources system. there are 6 resources system. Blood magic, equivalent, discordance, fury, energy and alchemy.

Blood magic:
add all your mp, +mp on hit, +%mp on hit to hp and using hp to cast skill at double mp cost to hp. as i see now your guidedshot cast cost in mp is 780, if in hp it will be 1560. if combine mp to hp, u will have around 12-14k hp. at +2% hp on hit u gain around 220-280hp on hit. lookong back at guidedshot at double cost is 1560hp. u lose more than u gain, u will be forced to use potion, grab some orb to gain some hp, or dead.

u have equal hp/mp. at full on both pool, reduce 50% damage, cast cost. average your hp and mp, u will have around 7-8k Hp/Mp. at half cost your guidedshot will take 354Mp per cast. +1%mp on hit u gain around 70-80mp. again, u lose more than u gain.

Discordance: dont want to explain this, more complicated, not suitable for your build, and in the end u lose more than u gain more.

Remive mp bar and replace with fury. each primary attack add 10% fury and use 50% fury to cast special skill, each sec will reduce your fury. basically u need to continues attack to maintain your fury. your special will deal more damage depend on how much fury u have BEFORE cast. this resource solve your not enough mp thing problem.

Replace mp bar with energy, each primary cast cost 10 energy, special cost is 50 and heal 30 energy per sec. +% damage on your attack depend on the amount energy u have BEFORE cast. good for slow attack build, i dont see any +%Attack speed on your equipment except that Fletcher talent so this also a good choices. solve your not enough mana problem.

Not help at all on your build.

i like energy the most solve the problem and add damage at the same time.

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