Hp on hit not working?

Anyone experiencing this bug ?? or its just me :frowning:

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  1. Are you using a cartographer map?
  2. Is your hp bar not going up when your spell hits the mobs?
  3. How much hp do you have?
  4. How much hp on hit do you have?
  5. How many mobs did you hit with the spell?
  6. What spell did you use?

Im using Flintlock and i have 2% HP on hit i have 3million HP im spamming floor 190-200 for Heroic Level

Your hp is so high that you probably won’t even see the hp bar go up. It heals 2% of base hp, which would mean the highest it would heal is 400 hp. 400 hit out of 3m is like .0001% of your health bar, which means it would take 10000 hits to heal 1% of your hp bar, which would probably show a slight graphic change in your hp bar.

So basically what i mean is that your hp on hit is working except your hp is so high that you won’t see your hp bar go up as the hp on hit leeches max of 400, and 400 out of 3,000,000 hp is ten thousandth of a pixel, which means you won’t see your hp go up until you hit 10000 hits without getting hit once.

This change was made on Patch 2.3 .

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Also Base HP = HP from Levels + HP from Health stat.

Hp Affixes and effects don’t do anything.

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Thanks so thats the nerf. It means its more harder to hunt item in floor 200+ because of this patch :frowning:

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Well, it means that you would have to stop relying on hp leeching to survive :stuck_out_tongue: And rely more on damage and/or damage reductions, since you have such high hp, damage reduction might help you for a few hundred floors safely, but it should not affect much unless you used to do low damage? Because even around floor 200-ish, the mobs should not hit that high so it should not affect that much till maybe around 300+ for low hp chars? And since you have high hp you can probably survive well over floor 500+, so most likely using damage reduction for your hp would be good.

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