Huawei-m920 Android version 2.3.6, is it my phone or not?

Hey Guys:

First off I wanna thank you for this wonderful game, it’s WAY better than some major mmo’s i know [cough, cough Perfect World International cough, cough]. however I seem to be having issues uploading. It’s been over 3 weeks and whereas some people can log in once every so often, i cannot at all. is my phone the problem or are we just stuck in limbo till the next patch release? :confused:

hey ogunernile,

with the next update, which is coming in not more than 1 week, the server problems (upload/download game progress data) should be solved.
so no, it’s not your phone, the servers are just ‘under maintenance’. :smile:

ty ty ty. idm the wait, not knowing how long or if it was me was the killer. :smiley:

Ok-- so I take it that whatever progress we have saved locally in our phones will be preserved after we download and update to the next patch?

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