Hybrid Pvp Builds

I’m planning 4 quirky builds. 2 wizards ,one rogue and one barbarian using cross class skills and any unusual talents, procs etc. As I’m new any crazy ideas are welcome

Nice I look forward to seeing them, I have two ideas for a PvP build but I’ve come up with a completely random build with cuzeg, if it works I’ll have THE fastest whole map farmer

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So untill I have an idea of my character builds its a matter of tedious crystal farming, converting items to a new class, trying out skills and talents, leveling up, point respec and paying a visit to my pal the cartographer :sunglasses:

How bout a CF build , a frozen build and arcanist with elements set


CF is crushing flames ? Sorry I’m new to all this. Will try out all the sets etc so I get an idea how they play. Only really used aftermath as yet :astonished:

I like the idea of skull shield as a proc on my non wizard characters. I love Apocalyptic weapons because of the enemy distracting furies. I had traps on a wizard but I felt underwhelmed. Skulls and fury are adorable :blush:

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