Hybrid pvp wizard build

I’m new to this game so any suggestions would be nice. I’m thinking of maxing bone shield and a summon and maybe storm and its accompanying skill. Then 1 point in all over elemental skills relying on a item switch if my opponent has high cold resists

Better to make your own build first then ask suggestion in forum. Copying someone as it is, makes Arena more and more dead at this moment. :joy:

I can give you some Wizard Hybrid Builds but it still better to try by yourself first. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah. Definitely. Even I started off with my own build first as a newbie . I did attempt to copy builds but I found better success in unique builds or a far more improved version of an old version, an old build revival.

My PvP aftermath build was based off my newbie build too but I did obviously improve it by feedback even as a newbie but it did very well. You learn a lot when people give you good suggestions.

When you learn a lot of things in DQ , you get to a point where you can do anything if you have the crystals and the knowledge. Theorycrafting in notes/spreadsheet or memory even better or from actual testing. It takes a few revisions of a build idea before you finalise it to be great.

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