Hyper armor build not working

I saw a post by MpKTO (trying to improve his build) and I’m trying to make my own based on his. As far as I can tell, the build the build requires 4 items with +25% armor, max attack speed, and knightscharge or whirlwind. I’m definitely missing something because I’m nowhere near as tanky as he described it. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

P.S. How does knightscharge or whirlwind increase damage reduction?

Knightscharge and Whirlwind aren’t affected by attack speed. They increase MS aka Move Speed though which is great for sets like Momentum.

Also they don’t reduce DMG. Reduce DMG is by using Defiant, AR, resists , Shieldwall , skullshield for eg , Battlemage , Plagued, etc.

Hyper Armor increases your damage reduction while attacking. Knightscharge and Whirlwind proc this effect

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You dont need high hp, armor or any other types of immune and resists for you to get 100% damge reduction from 100% hyper armor. You need to be continuously attacking in order for you to get 100%dr. Knightscharge and whirlwind are the best skill since you can move while attacking an enemy. Other skills are applicable also as long as the skill has 0cd(primary skills) but u will have to render your movement.

@MpKT0 and I tried that build in order to create a charc that doesnt need block and dodge in order to survive high floors. But we still encountered some bug/glitch on it. You can improve that build if you want to like putting some defensive procs or something that can increase ms speed or attack speed. I suggest to visit the thread again and re-read our conversation.

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