I am completely speechless.... Two in one night

Hmm? 2 eternals in one night?

Crystal eternals

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Ahh, I see. Lol. Nice :slight_smile:

in whole night?

Yes @phillipines , I would be speechless too but i think i had it happen once, though its been ages.

he didn’t sleep in whole night!!! wow you very love this game!!!

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Lol I meant within the hour I was playing.

XD. You are very lucky.

With eternalized (7) i find 6-7 eternals a day 5 hrs playing hahahaah

Are they crystal eternals though?

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2-3 of them xD

I remember getting only one in my entire DQ time :cry:

Thats nice to hear. :smiley: . Keep it up man try to break your own record it helps a lot when improving your build. :slight_smile:

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