I am new and need advice

Okay, so i have veen playing for awhile and my teo main characters are just over level 50. What is the best way to keep progressing and get better loot?

here’s a good starting point for early game builds and the best way to progress is to try and reach floor 500 on very easy difficulty for better crystals so that some basic crafting is much easier and accessible :smile:

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Alrightly thanks alot! :blush:

This game need a lot of understanding and reading if ur really into it… It gets pretty amazing as it progress my advice is to farm A LOT then read the CODEX if u really don’t understand it urself u can ask us here in this community there are a lot of great guys here. Just dont be shy :blush::blush:

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Man! Im playing DQ 2 months i thought i new everything but nope im not even on half of learning this game.:sob::sob:i have soo many to learn.

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Ikr. I feel you. I was a newbie for like 6 months lol.

Hahaha XD Cuzegspiked whats you DQ name?

Same as forum name lol. CuzegSpiked.

Uhm tnx.

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How do i get past floor 200?

You can purchase a map while at floor 200, complete it, and the Cartographer at the end will drop a floor 201 map.

Ohhhh,that makes since thank you!