I can't enchant eternal equips and maps using crystal

is this normal? or do i have to reach certain floor to do so?

Correct. It is not possible to use more than a few cs on Eternal items. Jasper and Angelite I believe are the only ones (class and element for equipment).

meaning i have to reach w/c floor in order to enchant eternal and maps?

You can’t enchant them with different affix or remove any.

i see. even legend affix can’t be rerolled or changed to different legend affix right? is this because of the new update? i’ve been scrolling this forum for a while and i certainly read that u can enchant maps using crystals.

also beryl works on eternal for changing its nature.

jasper calcite beryl only crystal can be use on eternal gears der is no floor requirement for u to be able to use this crystals anyfloor will do.

u can reroll legend affix % by using diamond
only way to change legend affix is to remove and use ruby again to roll the certain affix u want(some legend affix not rollable)

Yes limair (the one above diamond) let’s you change map affixes and diamond lets you reroll them so for instenctes a map without pack size can be rolled with limair to get pack size and diamon can then be used to get a higher pack size (may take a few reroll a because it’s random) I hope this helps and sorry for misspells.

Yup. You used to be able to use Larimar to add normal affixes and hope you’d get Pack Size. Larimar’s functionality changed a couple patches ago, and now it re-rolls all affixes to new ones in the same pool (i.e. a different normal affix for non-legendary maps). You can do that over and over until you get Pack Size (or if you’re me, then Pack Size without Skyfall or TNT), then use Diamond to reroll its values until you get something high.

I don’t believe Pack Size is available in the legendary maps. You can re-roll them, but you’ll only get things that are available to those maps.

Can’t imagine how my build turn out if I could craft using eternal item. Haha


i hope they implement legendary items that are very strong and very hard to hunt/craft like u need to pass some trials/do some task to achieve it. haha that would add more spice and adventure in game

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no! i’ve huntinh farming and grinding hard just for eternal and you want to make it harder!? lol

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my idea was an item set stronger than eternal that can only be achieve by doin quest/killing a certain boss/hunting on very high floor

so ur eternal hunting wont be affected lol.

just imagine if u already got all ur crystal/eternal gears that u wanted. whats nxt?

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I was thinking the same thing. Like if you can complete an eternal set a Divinizer will be given as a reward to make an eternal item of that completed set a Divine item with 100% item quality and perfect x4 stats of the normal legendary and their bonuses goes beyond cap.

For example you have a complete Eternal Nadroji Set, you will be given a Nadroji Divinizer. If you use that Divinizer to the Eternal Nadroji’s Crystal( the amulet, correct me if I’m wrong) you will get +12 All Skills, +12 All Talents, +8 Set Skills and so on. And it will be called Divine Nadroji’s Crystal.

Hahaha. Sounds very OP.

But once a Divinizer is used, all present eternal items that belongs to the set of the new Divine item will be removed from your inventory.

And Divine items must be banned in PvP. Can only be used in PvE. Hehehe.

You can’t remove affixes from eternals and apply ruby.

Have you done it? I certainly can’t.

@Onaneehsyu yup basically we cant modify eternal items and only topaz can be use in eternal fable/unreal hat.(not sure if quartz can be use in fable/unreal eternal ver)n

The only crystal I remember that can be used in eternals are Topaz, Jasper, the crystal to change nature(I forgot the name), the crystal that can change talent(also forgot the name) and the crystal that changes elements(was it Calcite?).

I forgot if I tried Diamond but I think it is not applicable to eternals.

Oh and also the crystal to remove mythstones(Garnet I think, sorry I have a lousy memory for names).