I can't play the game whether online or offline

I downloaded the game again after a few months. I also downloaded my character which is level 80+ from my account. I tried tapping the button “Adventure for loot in CAMPAIGN” but nothing happens. After a while, this screen pops up

I then turned off my wifi, restarted the game again, but the same thing happened.

I tried the other buttons in the menu and they function well. Only the button “Adventure for loot in CAMPAIGN” seems to malfunction.

I already contacted the developers through their support@shinyboxgames.com. It has been a month now I think but they haven’t replied yet.

So now I tried posting here. Please help. Thank you.

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I think you need to update your app. Or try to re install it or maybe in your internet connection?

I downloaded it from google play and I checked for newer versions but there are none so I guess I downloaded the newest version.

I already installed and reinstalled the game many times and the problem is still the same. Even in my previous Samsung J1 Mini Prime. I am currently using Samsung Galaxy J6 and the problem is still present.

My internet connection is quite okay I think because I can play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The internet speed is around 400-600 kbps. Sometimes reaching 1 mbps.

I’m not complaining about it. I just want this issue to be fixed. And maybe help in improving the game because I really, really like it. Promise. You made a good game. And when I couldn’t play it anymore, I got frustrated about it, but not on you devs. Promise. :grin: Just saying. Hopefully, the devs may see it.:blush: