I can't purchase hero slots

I’m new to this game when I try to tap the purchase for slot it doesn’t respond like when I tap on other purchases available on shop. Does purchase slot work properly or is it not implemented yet?

No help? Pls need help here I really want to play this game like what I watched on YouTube having 2 heroes on my gameplay.

Guess there is no support people from the game no answer for my question.

That’s unusual. Do you have internet and did you pay for the slots?

Yes I have internet connection but when I tap the purchase for slot nothing happens but when I’m tap the in game shop items like the gold for $ playstore payment opens and asks confirmation unlike the button for slot purchase nothing happens

Hmm… I’m not sure then. @tdaniel .

Contact support@shinyboxgames.com as well just in case. They are very helpful in fixing issues :smile: or DM Tdaniel . I wish you luck for your issue to be fixed or for you to find out the cause.

i also have this issue no response from those specific tapkeys all my other buttons work and my purchases have worked as well my phone is a samsung s7

This is my problem now. Nothing happen. When i click click click the Purchase Slot. Nothing happen!!! @tdaniel help me

in this case you already have a slot allocated to your account via Google Play BUT it is not active in your game.

Follow these steps:

Start DQ
Press the Options button on the main menu
Press the “social/IAP” button
Press the “restore purchase” button

You will have your slot active

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