I cant relate to almost all topics in here

Can any one post at least a wiz guide for newbie.
All post regarding item build are all hard to get specially those with crystal affixes. How the heck i can farm it. Im still in floor 43.

I like browsing those end game build topic, and it makes me want to grind more but deym i’m crawling so slow.

Can at least be 1 person to post some beginners guide please.

P.S. I’m Begging, begging you.

There’s a trick for you:
Use angelite(lv3 crystal) to stack 6 affixes on a gear, Kyanite(lv30 crystal) to remove a rare(yellow) affix, use angelite again…
In this case, the final affix you add would be always epic(orange). Cheap so you dont have to choose crystal affixes.

Here, you got epic affixes list.

Many stats have their caps, Ex: u cant add more than 60 attack speed in total, otherwise waste.

  • For mythstones i recommand wisdom(lv35), this stat is not limited by cap(even it says so on “all stats” panel). With 4 this, mp cost 0.
    And clarity(lv38 clearcast), 2 of it should be fine.
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Progress can be slow when you’re still below lvl99 but will go faster when you do. In the meantime, try to accumulate as much “Red Dust” as possible, as well as Gold.
Try to speed through to Floor 200 by adjusting the difficulty to the easiest, then adjusting to Mythic Difficulty after finishing, or midway to floor 200 if you desire. (I started the game at Mythic 3 lol).

Rarity as you may already know (or not);
-Common (Grey)
-Magic (Blue)
-Rare (Yellow)
-Epic (Orange)
-Legendary (Red)
-Rare someone should correct me on this (Aquamarine)
-Eternal (Green)
-Mythic (Purple)
Note: same can be said to Mythstone and Crystal rarity i.e the color of the Mythstone and Crystal.

Pass Floor 200, there’s no Floor above 200 as this is the last floor, but you can proceed using a magic map to enjoy fighting stronger foes and collecting rarer items.

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crystal(cyan). Eternal>mythic

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hope this helps! some of these posts have links to other posts. doing a Search :mag: using Beginner or Noob, can help you find advice for when you are just starting out. when I was a Noob, I just played a lot and read a lot of the DQ Forum.

@MenmaChi the -Rare (Aquamarine) should be Crystal (Cyan).

Edit: just thought of it, but for Noob Players who want to get a head start on Farming, put a Luck & Gold Find affix on each Item, and your Pet if you have one (Pets cost 5 crystal. if you change your Pets Element from Fire to Ice, and it takes 5 attempts to change it, it will cost 25 Calcite total). put Hero Points into Fortune Skill. when you get to Fortune 20, you will have +50% for Luck, Gold Find, and Item Drops. while you are doing this, get 5 Dodge affixes on your Items (+60% cap), and anything that increases your damage. keep an eye out for your HP & MP, and for HP & MP Heals. Items with Luck & Greed (Gold Find) Natures will help your Farming.

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i see end game build but all of them die. Does any build that survive in such a crowd of enemies specially in 1000 and up floors?

As i see 2 solutions:
lv40 stealth and -75 cd and 50+dodge, your stealth is constant for Rogue.
75block+bulwark+sanctuary for warrior. Or further:80block+bulwark+sanctuary+75dodge.

For wizard they normally have 75dodge+sanctuary but easily die before boss.
Maybe you could still have stealth as special skill, costing 4 more lv10 stealth affixes.


Does manashield with reflect don’t do on wiz?

you need to invest in Manashield 40, Barrier 40, Infusion 40, and LOTS of All Resist. eventually, that still isn’t enough. Dodge, Block, Sanctuary, and any other way to cause enemies to miss you. higher movement speed, lots of CC effects, kill them faster than they can kill you, things like that. on a side note, a Mod suggested in a post that Legend Reflect Damage works with Mana Shield, but I haven’t tested it yet, or seen any posts about that. Skill Points in Mana Shield does increase damage of Legend Reflect Damage.

I have used Wizard with +60% Dodge & +45% Block with Sanctuary, and using Ice or Prismatic/Ascendant with Elemental Crit to Freeze enemies, with Teleport to get out of danger in emergencies. my floor climbing wizard uses Fire & Ice with Crushing Flames & Frostbiting (on floor 1800+ m3). need to tweak it for more damage as I pass up floor 2k. uses a combination of Comet, Twister, & Skull Shield, with Stealth for emergency defense. ohh! I think I changed my Twister to Meteor recently, feels weird, as I didn’t like Meteor when I first started playing DQ years ago.

the Perma Stealth & 100% Block Builds are really only 99.9% defense. if your timing is wrong, or you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, you can still die. a Perma Stealth Build with Illusion Talents for enemies to miss you for Rogue, and 100% Block Build with Bleed Talent for enemies to miss you for Warriors (they so lucky) while Wizard just has Dodge, Block, and Sanctuary with Minions to distract enemies with.

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