I can't survive

Hello fellow DQ players,

That is my current wizard build right now, I’m not understanding the game fully between how to make a decent build. I’m struggling around mythic 1-3 to stay alive while my friend is breezing through and finding crystal items already and I’m at about floor 250+ all this money wasted and just me dieing so much in general is really making me not want to play anymore. I’ve managed to convert something to an obsidian but I’m not sure what to use it on or what to look for to use it on. All in all I’m looking for a decent Tanky dps build that someone can walk me through. Based on the pictures above can someone ask me what to change when I “respec”

Thank you!

First you need to chmateo a element that suits to your gears , If you focus on your weapon equality will no longer add dmg in OH , thus remove epic Affixes in your legend gears through Kyanite (the rectangular skyblueish) the add Legend affix through Ruby (the red crystal) or Topaz (the orange one) Or in a cheap way Angelite then reroll it with Sapphire . There are lower grade crystals . Hope you get a hint . Happy Gaming mate ,
And another one use your Stat points wisely so with your heroic points , right Distribution = More Survivability = more Gold :smile:

You can post your All gears to see what others May help you . :kissing_heart:

Try maxing ur dex. To be able to survive. I find armor and resist obsolete. Idk how that works so i try to invest on dodge

With my eternal wand could I do anything you just said or do I have to find a legend item and apply everything you told me? I’m kind of lacking on crystals to roll all my gear with topaz so I might go the cheap route depending on how it works out

It is better to farm first than to make goals of going high floors. All of the players here experience what you feel right now… Just farm first… Try to find descent newbie build here in forum… As I can see Wizards are fast farmers… Ask @CuzegSpiked or you can call him CalculatorSpiked. He is the best one to use Aftermath Builds (Best clearing and avoiding damages)… Just be ready for the calculations he will be given to you… :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

P.S. - just one thing CuzegSpiked is also Wizard Maniac, Wizard Prodigy, Arena Rapist, Lord of the Wizards and Brainless Tank Eater :broken_heart::broken_heart::joy::joy:


@CuzegSpiked help this one bro. :blush:

Thank you, he’s helped me before but I can never understand all this DQ gibberish and calculations so it’s difficult for me. But at this moment what floor should I farm on and what set should I be looking for? I know there’s been much talk about just clearing floor 200 over and over and over for legends but is it possible that crystal legends or mythical weapons will drop or armor? I know with extreme luck haha

If you dont yet Ascend your Character (Reset to Level 1) all I can say is Superrrrr Hard to farm Legends faster… You must Ascend first your Character and get the Ascend that making the Gold Twice wheb Selling Items…then just go to Legend Level Map 1st dont go to M1 to M3 with no proper clearing set…

And as I can see on your Set Gears… having Eternal Gears doent mean you have a better chance of clearing high floor maps… better to use legends or put mythic affix on it… also dont forget to use crystals to make your gear affixes high.

Please follow some build guides here in forum … On what to throw or what Items to be keeped… and max your Power dont put on Strength and Mana if you want to have high damages…

And lastly always remember dont go to M1 to M3 without proper gears or else you will be always raped thousand times… :grin:

Yeah I learned the hard way… with going M3 face first and wasting my gold converting my map to push floors M3 but like you said right now I’m clearing floor 200 M3 easily for eternal legends or whatever I can get my hands on before pushing floors agian

If you can clear M3 200floor go until you cant clear maps to farm Gold and Legends… and make your elements in one type only… poison or fire is ok for dot.

Maybe you can try this build