I confuss about Amplify talent and element

element crit: freeze, immolate, orbit, paralysis and toxic
element: ice, fire, ascendent, shock and poison

questions are

1.element debuff like ice or poison has a 100% chance to cause a debuff to monster when monsters is hit, while element crit like freeze or toxic has a maximum 40% chance( from affix). Do i understand correctly?

  1. Amplify talent will active when monster is got a element debuff (ice or poison) or element crit debuff (freeze or toxic).

Ascendant is a Set. the correct Elements & their Crits are…

  1. Arcane - Orbit
  2. Fire - Immolate
  3. Ice - Freeze
  4. Poison - Toxic
  5. Shock - Paralyze

… and the Element DoT’s are 100% when enemy is hit. there has been some debate about the Elemental Crit Chance. although there is a cap of +40%, does it apply to the Wizard Wizardry Talent (Wizardry 40 gives +40% Elemental Crit) or all Elemental Crits? on the Stat Page it shows that it is possible to get 100% Elemental Crit.

from what has been discussed and from what I’ve seen, most players consider +30% Elemental Crit to be enough for just about any Build for 2 important reasons.

  1. one Legend +30% Elem. Crit only takes up one space.
  2. after 4 or 5 hits, enemies become immune to Elemental Critical hits. (if you are fighting an enemy that takes forever to kill, I’ve noticed that the Immunity to Elemental Crits wears off after awhile and can be hit 4-5 more times before becoming Immune again. this will happen any number of times until you or the enemy is dead or you give up and go to another Map. I don’t know if this is a bug or not, but I noticed it when using a weak Character on a Floor too high for it).

Amplify Talent for Wizard works when there is an Element DoT on an enemy, not the Elemental Crits. I could be wrong, but I don’t know if it’s really possible to test and see if an elemental Crit that is longer than an Element DoT affects Amplify. usually, I just keep hitting the enemies with Prismatic or Ascendant attacks until they are dead. as of Patch 3.1, or something like that, Prismatic Talent can also put the Arcane DoT on enemies like Ascendant does, so this gives Wizards more variety when it comes to Amplify Builds. you still need Ascendant Set when using Arcanist Set.

Amplify 20 is +40% damage for each Element DoT on an enemy.
Amplify 40 is +80% damage for each Element DoT on an enemy.

Fire DoT lasts 2 seconds with Poison lasting for 8 seconds, with Arcane, Shock, and Ice lasting 4 or 5 seconds each. Fester Talent is important for Amplify Builds because it increases the duration of Element DoT’s on enemies. and for Fire & Poison, their DoT is speeded up. with Amplify 40, 2 Fire/Poison DoT a second for 4 seconds. with Sorcery Talent, the damage of Fire & Poison DoT can be raised, which means tons of damage/DPS just from their DoT’s!

For 2 years i thought fire crits were burn :joy:

you could look at it as if Immolate Burns an enemy for 100% of an attacks damage every second for four seconds.