I don't understand builds


lately I have been thinking about my Golems Ultimate Farm Build #1. because of all the farm affixes, I don’t have much space to fix the problems I am encountering with a Blood Magic & Masochism combination. actually, it is one problem, resource control. if I am not careful, I can run out of HP at a bad time and end up tickling monsters with my Default DMG. I like the extra damage from Blood Magic, but might have to rethink the build. the one thing I do like about it is that I am killing the monsters pretty fast.

on another note, I finally got to Floor 1k +3 M3. I pulled out my old Crushing Flames Build, dusted it off, changed a few affixes, changed weapon elements, added a Rain Slime (couldn’t remember what Pet I was using before), climbed the last 15 floors and now I just need to make a Golems Ultimate Farm Build #2 that can farm up here.

as far as survivability, I have space for 1 more Crystal affix, so I will add Block to my OH and move the Crystal Dodge to my Chest. I think this build can go maybe another 100 floors, so I will keep climbing until I can’t go any further without a better build.